The search engine that causes a website optimizes 7 of failure liberal sides

Core clew: We often talk about search engine to optimize, and be done again hard painstakingly optimize, but if your website or rich guest are put below the reason of 7 respects, so your pay will all one’s efforts wasted.

7. website often cannot be visited

Perhaps you have best webpage content, best network serves, but if your website often cannot be visited because of all sorts of reasons, perhaps visit speed very slow, so, the user that you have will leave to forget your website even gradually. By this token, the IDC that has chosen serves trader, the server that has bought is attached most importance to especially should.

6. keyword breaks away from website content

The set of the keyword, although very important. Do not have an insatiable desire for much, do not try in vain to undertake the whole thing all, bring about a keyword to break away from a website thereby actual content.

5. ill will is linked

Baleful link is understandable to contain trojan or the address that cannot visit. Perhaps you won’t link them painstakingly, but, cannot assure the address that once linked, after the course is very long, had turned into cannot be visited or the link of meaning trojan. So, purify website dead catenary and detect artificially become important.

4. uses yuan of mark error

Yuan mark, here we regard it one-sidedly article summary number. We should maintain as far as possible be in the keyword with yuan of the most important meaning in mark. Avoid irrelvant yuan mark.

3. keyword is used undeserved

Here undeserved, basically be to point to a keyword too specialization, actually, we are in when be keyword of every article set, consider a few layman how to use a keyword to undertake searching even. Be considerate thinks, if be you, you are not the professional personage of some respect, and the professional essay that you consider to search some field again, you can use the keyword with similar what to undertake searching.

Dispersive theme sex differs 2. content

Even if your each article is high level, high quality and piece piece achieve formerly, but do not have however very good undertake creating around the keyword of original website set, you also won’t obtain good rank. For example: Expression of your set Qq is the keyword of your website, but, the content of Qq expression does not occupy whole content however 3 1/0.

1. replaces rate too slow

Do not recommend a day to update about a hundred on 1000 articles (collect or piracy except) , can interact friendlily to search engine, if be absolute gain guest, least two days should update. Update ceaselessly, have the content of quality, have the keyword of the key, it is the very good way that raises a rank.