The search engine that 8 you must understand optimizes ABC

1) understanding searchs engine how capture webpage and how to index webpage. The main job principle that you need to know engine of a few searches, search the distinction between engine individually, search robot (SE Robot or call Web Crawler) how to have the job, how does search engine undertake to searching a result sort is waited a moment.

2) label is optimized. Basically include a theme (Title) , the website is described (Deion) , with the keyword (Keywords) . Return those who have a few other to conceal a character for instance Author(author) , category(catalog) , language (encode language) wait.

How 3) chooses a keyword and the keyword is placed in the webpage. The search has to use a keyword. Keyword analysis and choice are one of jobs with the mainest SEO, the rank decides to before jumping over serious content to lean more, show. Should decide to the website above all advocate keyword (fluctuate in 5 commonly) , undertake optimizing in the light of these keywords next, include keyword density (Density) , spend related (Relavancy) , outstanding sex (Prominency) is waited a moment.

4) understands main search engine. Although search engine to have by tens of thousands, but have decision effect to website discharge so a few. For instance of English basically have Google, inktomi, altavista; Of Chinese have Baidu, sohu. The regulation that different search cites the capture that props up pair of pages and index, sort is different, this is about to be used optimize. Understand each to search the relation between portal and search engine even, what for instance Yahoo and AOL webpage search use is the search technology of Google, what MSN uses is the technology of Looksmart and Open Directory.

The interconnection mesh with main 5) is recorded. Yahoo oneself is not search engine, however a large website catalog, open Directory also is not, they and the main distinction that search engine are website content collect means to differ.

6) is pressed click the search engine that pays fee. Search engine also needs gain, as Internet business affairs more and more mature, the search engine that collect fees also begins to be popular. The most typical have Overture and Baidu, also include the advertisement project Google Adwords of Google of course. More and more people click advertisement to locate through what search index props up commercial website, the face also has the knowledge that optimize and ranks greatly here, you must learn to use least advertisement investment to obtain click at most.

7) searchs engine to login. After the website finished, do not lie over to waiting for a guest to fall from the day. Want to let others find you, the simplest way refers the website namely (Submit) to search engine. Although free had been Internet no longer (it is search engine at least) the mainstream – if yours is commercial website, main search engine and catalog can ask you pay cost to obtain collect (for instance Yahoo wants 299 dollars) , but good news is (at least so far) the biggest search engine Google still is free at present, and its dictate is worn the search market of 60 % above.

8) link exchange and link are spent extensively (Link Popularity) . Webpage content is in order to exceed text (Hypertext) means will be linked each other, also be such between the website. Besides search engine, people also passes the catenary fetch Surfing between different website everyday (surf) . The other website link to your website is more, you also can acquire more visit amounts. More important is, the exterior link number of your website is more, can be thought by search engine its value is greater, give you higher rank thereby. So, you must spend a lot of energy to do promotion and others to do exchange to link.