The search engine of website picture optimizes strategy

My used has been mentioned, the picture dispute of the website often consumes flow, last year I once statistic passes, time rich guest of two days has the visit flow of 20 much G, the catalog Upload that the picture is in took up 18.6G, and article place catalog used 1.3G flow only, visible picture takes up of discharge resource tremendous, this namely a lot of people like to put picture document in tripartite the reason of free network album.

However, if the condition allows (the server that has independence for instance, sufficient flow) , so the picture memory is in oneself website space, the picture search that can use search engine instead brings many additional flow to oneself, what the search engine here points to is the picture search of Google, is not Baidu, because Baidu uses pilfer catenary mechanism, its picture search basically won’t bring what page discharge to the website.

The search engine of website picture optimizes strategy actually not difficult, specific method is very simple, need to every pieces of picture namely add Alt information, information had better be the key word that fine passes, a few pictures should be included to describe sexual written language after picture face, the picture should contain a link, text is skeletonize to pursue, big picture shows after clicking a link. Such, other website if pilfer catenary your article and picture, although can bring additional flow, but the retrorse link that can bring a picture likewise, optimized this picture to cite the level in propping up in the search.

Accordingly, if the server can assure discharge, might as well set chain of pilfer of take out picture, although pilfer catenary picture takes up discharge, but take up the CPU of the server is not big, if be aimed at Google to undertake a few optimize, so picture search often can bring not little flow.

Cite a case, my moon rich guest did not set picture pilfer chain at present, when Google searchs Chinese map, the first result of the search can be the picture of map of a few pieces of China, among them an intermediate picture that attributes moon rich guest namely, the some that moon rich settle or live in a strange place can enter after clicking this picture piece article, actually this article does not have the content with wonderful what, but visit quantity has been as high as seventeen 10 thousand times to click, great majority is clicked is to come from picture search, seeing a picture search brought discharge is how tremendous.

Accordingly, when I hear a certain famous network album of domestic begins to undertake VIP collects fees today, I feel very open-eyed, service of a website can accomplish the discharge that took away others already, took away the money of others again, it is the thing of a not simple really.