The search engine of eye viewpoint optimizes the vision that browse and F appearance

Core clew: Pass our introduction, can see all alone engine optimizes search to be understood by card rank of the far price that compare contest has real sense more to website promotion.

The website browses visual principle

SEO appears is not abrupt, however long-term since website advocate people be in imperceptible in the ground the behavior that in conjecture people browses a website, try to appear the website in the place of focusing of people eye institute. Browse the visual effect of the website through studying people, can the better website that optimizes us.

Compare the visual principle that popular website browses now, the F that what point to commonly is Nielsen webpage browses mode, the appearance of F of letter of English of just like of mode of this kind of discharge, and include the following 3 respects:

1, the reader’s eye is horizontal shift above all, often had swept webpage content most on half part, formed a transverse athletic contrail so, this is the first horizontal line of F.

2, the reader’s eye falls a little move, very typical scanning compares the extent with the first shorter range, this gave the 2nd horizontal clue in F letter with respect to the picture.

3, the share that the reader exceeds webpage left undertakes perpendicular scanning, occasionally, this act very slow and have systematization very much, draw a perpendicular line in F letter so.