The search engine of dress website optimizes plan

This is my circumstance according to our dress website and summary a few current SEO methods, the hope can have effect to everybody!

Search engine optimizes plan:

1.Make the website map with a complete link.

2.Had better use between key word | Separate.

3.Search with key word same a caption of the article, other search is a text of an article as a result, and the catalog of on one class that the article of the Fushi315 of ferret is this article however, be like: Female outfit of brief bamboo discount is not had without bail join in gold does not have inventory! The result that searchs engine is agency special subject however – dress enrols business, dress acts as agent, dress is exhibited meeting, dress information – countrywide dress net, because of choice of the KEYWORDS in META Content is not,this is like be the same as TITLE, used the general key word that did not concern directly with the article however. Proposal: The key word of news page must TITLE agrees with KEYWORDS, DESCRIPTION (content is OK and different, but key word must identical) .

4.Brand (clothing company) page key word chooses the brand name dress as key word it is the most appropriate, serve as TITLE among them, META NAME Keywords highlights key word, META Name=Keywords CFONT-FAMILY: ; Mso-ascii-font-family of body of the Song Dynasty: ‘Times New Roman'; Mso-hansi-font-family: ‘Times New Roman’> joins in brand name, acting brand name, ** brand, ** enrols business, ** brand shop, ** agency, the brand joins in connection means, >

5.The scale that key word appears in article text and frequency do not involve technical issue, the editor is in editor and it know the position that how chooses key word and key word deep again is OK when releasing news to know the position that how chooses key word and key word know the position that how chooses key word and key word deep again.

Exchange of 6. friendship link visits what the quantity comparatives to become rich together project net kind join of website exchange friendship, raise a website exterior discharge and integrated rank. Literal connection had better be used when join, spider does not identify a photograph!

By the issuance of the article time order discharges the 7. Baidu rank to the article, discharge the address in the first, release a text finally. Final hair often can obtain good rank of cloth.

8. program requires a note partly each: (The keyword in 1)Title label does not want too long, 10-30 word less than is beautiful, do not use special character.

(The keyword in 2)Description label does not want likewise too long, control is in 100 words less than.

(The keyword Google in 3)Keywords has abandoned this one, but Baidu still is used.

(4)H1, h2, the keyword appears to compare a canal to use in H3 label, want nature nevertheless, not excessive optimize.

(Size of 5) keyword font, thick substance, inclined body can help SPIDER easier find a keyword. (The keyword wants to highlight, terminal point had better begin to appear in the article, use thick system, good-sized font)

(If 6) is same the page appears the keyword of two above, so their it is better to be close to degree more.

(The order in page of order of 7) keyword phrase is best agree with the order of inquiry.

(8) picture Alt labels medium keyword is used at describing a picture, do not need too multifarious, it is good to should use dress brand name should use dress brand name only.

(The page that the link inside 9) station links should include a keyword, the keyword is in 1-2 is advisable.

(10) ensures the link inside the station is significant, without the circumstance of dead link.

The density of all keywords in Body of 9. keyword density must maintain in 5%-20% advisable. The density that every independent keyword appears maintains between 1%-6% , had better appear 12 times for 100 words. Core keyword 3 go to 5, auxiliary word can collect 200 or so.

10. raises a keyword to match degree for instance somebody searched Fu in Baidu Ruilijia alliance hot line, if our website has just in time of an article caption,be Fu Ruilijia the article of alliance hot line, fu also appeared in specific article Ruilijia the character such as alliance hot line, so the Fu of this article keyword of alliance hot line matchs Ruilijia degree if our article caption is Fu,for 100%; alliance hot line is Ruilijia 0541-88885555 so match because attenuant action reached since the character from the back,spending is 70%; about. If our article caption is Fu luck of beautiful brand join in what the hot line is? So match degree because,be 50% or so; among the keyword short left. If Ruilijia crossing Fu did not appear in article caption and content alliance hot line in 5 characters any 1, match spend even if 0% . To the article of a capture that be propped up by search index, of the keyword match degree taller, this article is jumped over in the weight in searching a result big.

11. from the most important for the angle that releases a text is a caption of good literary works. Namely the content inside TITLE. It is the begin part of the article next.

(Keyword of 1) , target wants complete put in front of caption. Calculate grammar to go up problem having a place also is indifferent to, engine does not assess your syntactic knowledge.

(2) , caption wants concise. Too long caption will be attenuant keyword density. It is OK to should look so not strange only, caption can be a keyword crucial perhaps phrase closes or keyword + a certain number of suffixal characters.

(100 words less than wants start of 3) , article complete occurrence keyword 1, do not exceed 2 times at most. Decompose the keyword nature occurrence 1-2 second. Compare safety so. If this is in popular key in caption complete appear 3 times above has the risk that is banned by engine.

12. reprints an article to raise the methodological citing of discharge: If discovered in relevant website an article daughter installs beggar to take: ? Does neon of Du barium waiting till discard hold does Qiu Qian mound urgently is  of ⒉ envy ferment used up?

(Caption of 1) , duplicate article goes Baidu search

(The 2) , more and relevant search that clicks a page to fall analyses relevant keyword, examining people namely is to use what keyword to search this kind of article.

(3) , basis this keyword heat, the weight that considers this website again chooses a keyword. Had better not choose to rely on the keyword in front (the rank according to oneself website and discharge choice are right the keyword) of him website content, here can consider to use blame mainstream female outfit to wait.

4, integrated afore-mentioned article caption are OK beggar of dispute mainstream female outfit is taken, beggar takes blame mainstream female outfit to wait a moment.

5, article begin part wants complete occurrence keyword. Best method is him conveniently makes a few words, make an issue of drives head share. Be like: Blame mainstream female outfit has appeared in each ave lane of big city now, beggar is taken regard this as a kind among them, track tracing to the source is bright Qing Dynasty however when modern dress up! Follow then below textual. Attention, here article is a keyword the first. Not was necessary to be written into blame mainstream female outfit such, the high quality text that in the light of engine the habit releases came on stage. Because held the option of the keyword, caption and article open what the head divides to optimize wait for crucial link, raised a keyword to match greatly degree. The keyword that wants an alternative only is reasonable, do not come without reason discharge.