The search engine of CMS is optimized

Large website is faced with more SEO to optimize a problem than small-sized website, because large website has number to measure giant page, they often used CMS of content management system, and be in inchoate, the developer that designs software of content management system did not realize SEO optimizes a problem, large now company realizes this problem, so, software of content management system needs to be improved ceaselessly.

A the biggest question is, CMS system can found the content of duplicate sex, all pages of the website can pass an onefold URL to have a visit. My most familiar problem is, CMS system uses default documentation normally / Index.html points to website homepage, the in-house link of website other page also uses this link to point to a homepage normally, and the URL of this kind of form is met by alone analytic, may be considered as content to duplicate.

I discover 70% can appear to the website of 80% this problem, they do not have special SEOer, discover this question is very simple, click website interior to point to the link of home page, treat the form of the link.

Nowhere is not in this problem, it is a more serious problem. Think you all in-house links point to Index.html page, still have even very big the in-house link of one part page points to itself. Before method builds a station namely, the best settlement to this problem avoids this problem, need more energy to solve this problem otherwise.