The search engine of be clear at a glance optimizes equation 5 elements

What optimize about searching engine is equational: SEO=∫Clock=∫C1+L2+K3+O4

1, ∫

It is an integral symbol, c=content, l=link, k=keywords, o=others. SEO is a long-term integral to time course, content is core

2, C1

Rich content is the first element, according to achieve formerly, bogus is achieved formerly, reprint ordinal the importance that forms content satisfies user experience

3, L2

Of the link reasonable with abounding is the 2nd element, reasonable and significant in-house link and rich exterior link are coequal and important, and page of tall Pr value attachs most importance to dependency of exterior link camber especially should

4, K3

Key word element is tertiary main factor, include: Key word of reasonable Title, Description, Keywords, page reachs the density of relevant key word and reasonable overall arrangement

5, O4

Other element, for instance: Framework of domain name, station age, server, website, composing, neighbour, Url, map is waited a moment