The search appears " platinic discharge " contend for

A few days ago, center of information of Chinese internet network (CNNIC) was released " market research of Chinese search engine reported 2007 " , the report shows, number of user of engine of daily nowadays use search already was as high as 61.91% , and the netizen is opposite the dependence of all alone engine still is in search to increase continuously, engine of main like the home such as search dog, Baidu, Gu Ge search is in what each respects have different rate to grow.

The platinic discharge that can bring real sale benefit for the enterprise among them more and more get the attention inside course of study.

The personage inside course of study discovers, the search index of mushroom of a few discharge is propped up and promote without what drive its commerce value directly. Newest data shows on Internet, the scale of China that searchs engine sale to hold whole network sale is only 25% . 42% what all alone in American search engine sale held whole network sale, and the net witenagemot that there already is 80% in Japan happens buy deed further through the search.

The discharge of mushroom is or of true gold silver just gas already caused visional person to think generally. And more viewpoints think, the discharge that can bring real sale benefit for the enterprise ought to come out independently from inside common discharge of whole, become the target that scales index of a search to prop up real business value. Compare with common discharge photograph, they more saying to go up is platinic discharge.

Can discover from inside participating in this CNNIC to investigate, more and more people begin to pay close attention to the problem of platinic discharge, have work and the user of alleged high end with lunar higher income becomes special investigation target is. Before long authority investigates orgnaization CTR to ever also moved cloth of research and development before " structure of search engine user and advertisement value considered to report 2007 " , with CNNIC investigation differs, the investigation of CTR is the search engine user that complete focusing is seeking those to have advertisement value most, namely the whereaboutldirection of platinic discharge. This brings the commercial value that prop up to judging a search, and the search sale of the enterprise has guiding sense more.

CTR findings shows, our country searched average of income of engine user month to had achieved 3665 yuan at present. Among them the user that search dog searchs ranks head of a list of names posted up with 4057 yuan month income, yahoo and cereal song rank ever since. Enter in individual month 5000 even the good-paying group place of 10000 above holds proportion in, search dog search is banner, achieved respectively 1% with 7.6% . Look additionally from domestic income, at present our country search indexes the average that props up an user is 7397 yuan. Search dog searchs a with 7879 Yuan Yuanchao average be among the best of candidates, after close therewith is Gu Ge. In these index, search dog searchs the dominant position that reflected platinic discharge, this and before the fact that the commercial value latent capacity that the personage inside course of study searchs to search dog values generally happens to have the same view.