The scandal that the rubbish of SEO links

Autograph of formal attire of flower of fictitious lead plane is written leave a message, word of so called search, it is a skill really, the vocabulary is of countless, what Google uses is clever also. Those who link is easy, the effect is fast also. This method is in early 2004 with respect to be the rage. The home that immediately countless websites left a message to become network address originally can find the service website that needs individually inside. I want to rank service technology personnel in the following Google people can go so in search word search: Fictitious lead plane. . . . . . The home of network address! Open a fun. Actually this method also is not not usable, be in early 2005 also do this me. It is this year probably May, seem abrupt a cold and cheerless a lot of, I still think the rank algorithm that is Google changed. Did not think of recently fire rise, I take my website to try a few days ago, the effect did not change as expected.

Each 2. SEO ace people the link of so called rubbish that rich guest mentions

Rubbish is to link a likelihood to give the friends that enter at the beginning of some a difference all the time in what the friends of bound of a lot of SEO say, what calls rubbish the link? The rubbish link great majority that they say is a value leave a message to be linked originally. They appear very look down on this kind of practice, think this is a kind of wrong step, do not have any technical content optimize. SEO people and in individual rich guest, this kind of link censures deeply in forum, say they are linked for rubbish

I take rubbish this word Baidu, specific explanation: Rubbish, dirty content, dust reachs a general designation of forsaken thing, yi Zunla Sa. These things are dirty, of sick person, no-good, describe scum of a community of shameless and those elementary indelicacy, dirty scampish and blackguardly, society to wait with rubbish so for rubbish.

Seeming is very bad to listen word, do not want to explaining deep in this.

Ace of 3. hope SEO people carry high expensive mouth, might as well offer some of good proposal, use rubbish less as far as possible one word.

What compare fire at present is rich guest sale probably, still have a plenty of dimension guest to do vocabulary entry to wait a moment. . . The purpose is actually same. Increase exterior link. All of us below anatomize eats a meal, change mutual respect, do SEO actually same, can not little person says SEO people be to rely on to search engine to mix a meal to eat entirely. . . . Etc who is willing to listen actually such word, right? I think the friends that provide SEO service want them to exchange friendship link, should so much bill manage like where? good hope everybody the old-timer of SEO bound, he Xinxiu people express respective opinion. Await you leave a message.

I want to hear everybody’s view, and good to the personages inside the bound that releases these leaving a message opinion, have better method, everybody can be taken share below.