The Robots.txt of WordPress SEO is optimized piece

As a result of the link point to, and bring about website content to repeat, it is the big fear of website SEO all the time. Different link is pointed to same a webpage, can be decided to be by search engine cogged. The WordPress that mentioned yesterday weighs directional plug-in unit, also be to prevent on particular significance repeat content. However, as a result of the structural reason of WordPress, often can produce condition of webpage content reduplicative. For example: / Archive/1 and / the content that two network address play Archive/1/feed is same, so, we must think method prevents such circumstance to happen.

Normally, solve the method that repeats content to have: Use Noindex label, use Excerpt to realize content summary, and configuration Robots.txt. Basically say to use Robots.txt document below WordPress today.
Robots.txt file resembles the gate of a website, it can tell to search the spider of engine, can the webpage content of capture where, of where cannot capture. Accordingly, configure good Robots.txt file, can organize issue of Blog content reduplicative ideally completely. Of Robots.txt specific and grammatical with use method, OK and referenced In home, this kind WordPress Robots.txt is more popular:

User-agent: *
Disallow: / Wp-
Disallow: / Feed/
Disallow: / Comments/feed
Disallow: / Trackback/
Disallow: / ? S=

A moment ago saw the document of a Robots that mentions above, and offerred brief explanation. Just contact the friend of Robots.txt file, can consult:

User-agent: Googlebot

# Disallow All Directories And Files Within
Disallow: / Cgi-bin/
Disallow: / Wp-admin/
Disallow: / Wp-includes/

# Disallow All Files Ending With These Extensions
Disallow: / *.php$
Disallow: / *.js$
Disallow: / *.inc$
Disallow: / *.css$

# Disallow Parsing Individual Post Feeds, categories And Trackbacks. .
Disallow: */trackback/
Disallow: */feed/
Disallow: / Category/*

Robots.txt because of the person different, different person has different understanding to Robots, adding SEO is a popular topic all the time, so the Robots file of WordPress won’t be exclusive, also won’t have best. If everybody has those who feel better, might as well share.