The road of my SEO

When just contacting SEO, just about when fanaticism of SEO first time just went, in those days is to oneself occupational plans one kind, it is oneself helpless without other technology and advantage choice, also be the interest to SEO, what value more in those days is a technology, see SEO so called craftsmanship wildly everywhere, jewel, recipe is waited a moment, when discovering the thing that sees everyday is similar, think the technology of own SEO already very NB, the missing case that is not great success too stopped, the effect that optimizes in fact can not make him satisfactory however.

Enter the 2nd phase at this moment, begin more orientation that learn a website namely, of every industry optimize otherness, learn SEO strategy. Begin to compare the whole technological process of the system that arranges a SEO, the preparation before be being optimized for instance works, how to choose a keyword, etc, what differ with the first phase is to do not have a technology to be put in centre of gravity, however more going to that ponder over those who make a station to optimize strategy.

As case accumulate, with the communication of friend of person of the same trade, beginning to if do such work merely,think is very as dry as a chip insipid, and the sort of achievement feeling that the rank goes up before disappears already, at this moment, I begin more put focus in network sale, perhaps you feel I say network sale category is too large, and earthly person knows SEO is a kind of method in network sale perhaps says way. Right, but if you do not have a true SEO conformity,go in network sale, your understanding to SEO I feel insufficient still. SEO spoken parts in an opera he is a kind of method only merely, when more and more medium and small businesses do SEO, a the Red Sea, you can those action art still have so good effect?

Public praise sale, forum, rich guest, actually these and SEO have a lot of likeness to perhaps say to combine an aspect. The SEO level before thinking 3 years and technology, after thinking 5 years again you, where is our road? Google has begun to try individual character search in English search, the page that every user searchs shows different, can Diy, at this moment, do you still expect what kind of rank?

But, those who search engine optimize won’t end, network sale market is met only more and more healthy, can accuse more and more! Of course, you must be accumulated to oneself everyday, do not believe, you rest 3 months try!

OK, this authority is become a few experience decompose, at present I begin to learn SEM, directer saying is Google Adwords! After SEM of bring into contact with, just know why the network is such interesting!