The rich guest strategy of SEO is linked by a lot of websites and newer

Core clew: The Google decision criteria that searchs engine is: The website that was linked by a lot of websites is good website. Another decision criteria that searchs engine is: The website that often updates is good website.

Leave a message to be able to cause the discussion of everybody not only in rich guest, very useful also to SEO. But thinking of what point to here is not through registering rich guest in great quantities, add him website link. It is the station that uses oneself, among the sale that participates in rich guest topic.

Think of 100 million Europe to had been written in detail, the Google decision criteria that searchs engine is: The website that was linked by a lot of websites is good website.

Still have of course other various logic, but the most important is this kind of evaluation. That is to say, if want to discharge before a few in the search, had better let a lot of websites link his website.

To common website, the person that give other website operation only sends mail, application exchange links this kind of method.

If be rich guest, we can leave our website address when leave a message. Come so, added the link of own website as be in this rich guest. Click this link, to oneself website comer can increase subsequently.

Through using rich objective effectively, we need not cost any cost to have sales promotion activity. And, the client connection that the client impact that produces from this brings than average market sale wants more close together, vermicelli made from bean starch of heart of meeting form nucleate is round. Pass their buccal mouth according to legend, bring sale for us.

Will with fine concern consolidates between the client come down, make its and huge sale are contacted together, this is the long end strategy in rich guest.

Answer difference to judge

Of the client leave a message may not all is reputably, sometimes we also can discover difference is judged, claim for compensation or it is calumniatory, calumniatory this kind commment.

When encountering this differentia to judge, you or how should your company do?

I meet what write down an apology cordially leave a message. Pretty good, this kind of attitude is very important.

But, means may not is being handled with this kind on the network is correct. Reason has at 2 o’clock.

The first, express good faith hard with the character only.

Do not know you to had had such experience, when each other knows postal matter, you are completely well-meant, but the other side finds fault intentionally however, caused brawl thereby.

Undertake communication with the character only, relay an intention well and truly very hard. Although you have sincerity ground to apologize to the other side very much, he also will surely not understand your mood, more what is more,the rather that he is already quarrelsome. Think with the character the anger that eliminates each other is quite difficult only.

About search index props up optimized a few problems

One of element of SEO are newer frequency. Be in before, hangzhou thinks of 100 million Europe to once said SEO wants to maintain a website to update frequency. So, another decision criteria that searchs engine is: The website that often updates is good website.

Your sincerity fails to hand opposite party, sufferred besiege on the net. But searching engine to look, your website is to update particularly frequent good website however.

The worst situation is, when somebody searchs your commodity, show in foremost face is the website that besieges.

Lie in what the dreariness that besiege suffers on the net at, it can be withheld all the time as a kind of record go down. The goods that wants you only exists, anybody can see the situation that you are besieged. In the network, want to have a spot only, cannot eliminate forever.

The best measure that avoids this kind of situation is, do not criticize any responses to difference on the net. After company interior verifies a condition, if need to undertake manage compensate, use the method beyond the network to undertake an apology.

If be,slander out of thin airly and calumniatory, we are OK ignore. Even if the other side is incorrect, we also cannot put forward to refute.

The controversy on the net always wins victory with idler and end. The person of out of thin air calumniatory, calumniatory other does not need a friend, and time can be refuted unendingly go down. We do not make any response absolutely, ignore can. Want to be not paid attention to only, baleful comment can be flooded in searching engine, and the other side also can forget these things gradually.

In addition, when answering difference to judge, the company must use unified strategy. Because want to a person has a response blindly only, bring a trouble likely to whole company.

In Web2.O times, any commodity cannot escape the evaluation on the net. It is big company not only, connect the cleaners on the street, also can get attitude of attending to guests on the net abominable such commment.

We cannot handle difference to judge individually, and should be answered according to uniform policy.

(Author: Hangzhou considers source of 100 million Europe: .cn)