The research that the keyword optimizes wants ideal go ahead of the rest

Be in recently the website that optimizes Korea to study abroad, the thinking idea problem beyond a few technologies is encountered when discussion website keyword, take discuss with everybody.

Seoer knows, optimizing a website is crucial on the choice of the keyword, this not allow doubt. If be Seo nonexistent this problem, but be in lots and lots of in the enterprise, still have so lots and lots of government are website, right perhaps the website optimizes the person that said to calculate, they do not know the value of key word certainly, perhaps say not to know how to choose keyword, setting keyword. Ideal issue is involved here, if communicate not free, a few more unalterable the person’s idea, make your website actors or actress chemical industry makes because of keyword problem all one’s previous efforts wasted likely, this is not sensational, the direct that if everything is complete,listens to you of course may be nonexistent this problem.

Look seem the person that have nothing to do, the likelihood suggests to have an advantage more to the keyword, the personnel of market work, advisory job is engaged in in the enterprise especially, they are having deep knowledge to behavior habit of the client. Cannot differ because of the idea so and abandon communicating, on keyword choice resource of this one part must make full use of. My proposal is, these people put forward all sorts of keywords, best process of the thinking habit that can describe a client to choose product door to serve, behavior, will organize the hierarchy that arranges a keyword by us. Because traditional thinking always resembles a product explaining manual organizes a character in that way, but the keyword that the client searchs from search engine may be a certain respect that he cares most, consequently it won’t enter a website possibly from home page, or because keyword position is unreasonable, he looks for the website that is less than us at all.

So how to communicate, make keyword strategy is carried out smoothly? Above all the principle that we want to introduce a few websites to optimize with relevant personnel, for instance the client is search certain keyword to come to the website from inside searching engine, is not those who resemble a tradition find a company first, go visitting website content again. Next, want to make clear the purpose that the website optimizes, it is from the search engine brings accurate client, is not to let a hand take the person of propagandist book to visit a website according to network address, such understanding networks searching a keyword is more important than highlighting company brief introduction. Again, can take out a few websites to optimize successful case, the introduction optimizes achievement more convincing than empty theory, the company that can consider to optimize explains they optimize the understanding with have proper to the website, optimize the effect at least they should somewhat hear of.

The keyword is optimized is the forerunner that the website optimizes, so this one part is successful, whole website optimizes successful half! The situation of every enterprise is different, so communicate rise to also be met differ in thousands ways, particular case is particular analysis, anyhow if the idea is skimble-scamble, keyword choice is undeserved, it is very difficult that the website is optimized somewhat effect.