The requirement of SEO of company invite applications for a job and SEO train of thought

A lot of enterprises realised SEO nowadays must quality, and savor the benefit that makes electronic business affairs, as a result of Baidu contest price and Google promotion expenses too too giant, because more and more this enterprise websites are joined,come in SEO.

The post of SEO of invite applications for a job of general medium and small businesses asks:

1) analytic client website is in GOOGLE, ALEXA, before the rank on the website such as BAIDU leans or the reason after leaning;

2) evaluate, the keyword of website of client of analysis, proposal, website of help of in an attempt to can be ranked on this foundation before leaning;

3) undertake to the client’s website interior is optimized, include downstage page and tiring-room program;

4) the method of the analysis, evaluation, exterior link that suggest and develops a website ceaselessly and network address;

5) having deep knowledge to the search, in-house operation mechanism that ranks kind of website, can know the distinction of SPAM and SEO correctly;

6) the search characteristic of familiar spider robot, the search index such as perfectness or familiar Google props up relevant knowledge, the project discharges the successful case experience of Google home page;

7) individual job ability and group consciousness are strong, appearance is decorous, patience is genuine, assiduous and nimble, humanness is faithful, be generous and open-minded, be good at be being communicated with the person.

When I am beginning to do international to live in net SEO truly, it is cent is 3 train of thought, everybody can communicate each other:

1, technical support

Let technical ministry revise reach add partial description, title, include child column, and provide 2 grade domain name for 2 class column;

2, content support

Let content ministry update a few implied meanings that take Shanghai household to concern everyday, live in this keyword in Shanghai of the deploy in news content, of course, keyword density is in as before 2%-8% ;

3, literal friendship link

Look for a few integrated ability to compare tall website to become friendship link, integrated ability =alexa is ranked + spend related the industry + friendship of the other side links number.

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