The processing technique after website home page is fallen to counterpoise by GOOGLE

What is home page falls authority? Is the sandbox effect of it and GOOGLE identical of a concept? When reading this article, we must want to make clear this Hunan concept. GOOLE sandbox effect namely Sandbox effect, if optimize ham, can be record in sandbox. Cite sandbox explanation is textual: New website receives good rank very hard inside Google, no matter how you optimize this website. In other words, a new website, can have very rich relevant content, can have the link of many high quality, the website searchs engine already friendly, also the user is friendly, all what everything optimizes is very good. But it is in period of time, receive good rank very hard inside Google namely. The Sandbox of Google resembles giving a probation of new website a bit. Inside this paragraph of probation, new website cannot compare the rank that has received below intense keyword in competition almost.

And home page is fallen to counterpoise, not be such. The directest expression form is, the rank of the website still exists, but the website is fallen to counterpoise apparently in the weight of GOOGLE. Check a website to whether be fallen to counterpoise having a the simplest idea is in the Site in GOOGLE, think exemple. Is discharging those who be in the first this page? Do not have, but input this network address directly in GOOGLE, of this page or existence, if nonexistent, that is not to fall the problem of authority, that is home page by K. The problem that creates website home page to be fallen to counterpoise is very much, the position of website home page that basically is you most is unreasonable, how that should be handled? The processing technique of the following Kangnaike and everybody are shared

1. checks home page: You should check the Title of home page above all, keywords and Description. Look reasonable, whether does the keyword pile up, " H1 " whether is label abused, the picture is optimized excessive, whether to put in many dead link above all

2. checks friendship link: Checking friendship to link basically is an examination your outside whether is there the sign that is punished by GOOGLE in catenary, whether did GOOGLE regard your website as accomplice.

3. updates a website everyday: Content just is kingcraft, only nice content gift receives good rank, did not say at this o’clock more.

4. increases high quality outside catenary: Of high quality outside catenary is the tweak that increases your website undoubtedly, ah!

Above is occasionally method, the hope can help everybody.