The problem that Baidu stands newly to collecting

In the time with a recent much month, baidu is collected in what stand newly going up is rein in very much, estimation is more strict on the parameter of examine and verify; For instance content is collected; The website optimizes a trace apparent; Revise home page caption often, keyword; Do not collect urgent, excessive sends a link to wait;

My individual not very clear why Baidu adjusts algorithm in this moment, be opposite according to me nevertheless Google and the research analysis with algorithmic Yahoo, baidu is the adjustment that has strategic objective this, everybody knows front time Yahoo adjusted its propagandist pattern, emphasized one page search, and the updates time commutation of the adjustment of Google sandbox and PR, what still have compensatory agreement is fluctuant, affecting the development way that Baidu searchs, undertake inside this one month algorithm is adjusted as much, it is Baidu is best to those two old friend it seems that retaliate a method.

Now this paragraph of time, I all clients and a few friends that help on the network, do not have the reaction of one exception, the rate that new station is collected by Baidu is very slow, and the rise of the rank is fast without Google He Yahu even! What this phenomenon ased if to last to have near two months all the time is long.

So, if you are new station, if you think the website is stabilized toward, undertake gently interim, be as follows to the proposal of these circumstance individuals:

1, new station is best the content that early days has a few to be achieved formerly, need not much, because more or less is content the reason that collect and ranks, the key still depends on content, although have one page only, but also be to be able to have what collect and rank; Achieve content formerly important, it is its uniqueness, be in at the beginning, wrote achieve an article formerly, had better be release in him website only, index giving search props up a new move, let it feel your uniqueness, and at the beginning achieve an article formerly, content needs to undertake be optimizinged certainly, outstanding on caption stress website distinguishing feature. Occurrence website key word repeats in content.

2, guide a spider correctly; A lot of friends ask, the spider comes everyday even if do not collect, actually this is a good sign, the spider climbs those who agree is meddlesome, the guiding that shows a spider is pretty good; Actually to this problem, I want to emphasize falling, the spider does not come, the exterior link that follows you has very big concern, do not want exorbitant to value the amount that collects a page so, inspect a spider certainly however call in amount and frequency, where is the visit that how so new station makes a spider frequent? The proposal of my individual is: Flexible language!

I notice a recent phenomenon, flexible language is in a few stationmaster kind the website enters Admin, the brisk rate on Zzchn, if your everybody is the word that the angle that stands in the person that browse goes to reading soft article, I stand in the angle of SEO to visit this appearance namely, many flexible language, can bring not only active outside catenary, and the website that the spider with OK and ceaseless creeping on other website guiding will come to to visit you.

3, do not excessive sends a link, and become normal friendship link; I also have before link of a few content is released in guest of a few rich, but the visit that the purpose just issues a spider to guide, still basically give priority to in order to link, can taking a link with flexible language of course is a good method, but fastening this article is a link; A moment ago I emphasized the importance of the link, but not be to want everybody to go denudation link, google has begun to be opposite now group of hair restrict somewhat, and Baidu should have group of many hair only, affirmative meeting is punished, the likelihood has some of friend to be able to disagree to this kind of my view, but the proposal of my individual is not to want group of hair to link

And normal friendship link is be of exceptional importance, flexible language can bring constant flow and spider admittedly, but stable weight is to exchange a link to bring certainly, so, exchange the website of same kind to link more, it is a very good way. If you can assure to be able to have an exchange link everyday, to SEO it is the most wonderful the business that does not pass.

4, revise home page caption often; Be in recently when safeguarding a website, discovery, 10 what the website optimizes 7 day hind to go up to be ranked naturally first in the course, but the friend asks to revise home page caption, but under, agree to try, sequential nature is very serious, estimation is to just come up against Baidu to be updated algorithmicly, the rank calls former position, after I change urgently to had been optimized again, revise below the circumstance with not stable rank, immediately website is fallen to counterpoise, the rank of main keyword disappears, the rank of a few less important keywords still is in, collect increase considerably; Google2 of the corresponding period week home page, yahoo of a month also home page; Do not make any motions to the website later, the closest Baidu just is promoted again to the weight of the website. Share coming out is to want to tell everybody, home page headline is very main.

Additional, in a maintenance website, attribute kind of the set up shop on the net, also is to experience Baidu to collect slow process, arrive from 8 171, to 1860 recent; And Google already 7k is much.

Above is a few small proposals, I also can not speak Baidu completely this update or algorithm is adjusted can arrive when to be stabilized come down, but pass a few little skill, we also can be occupied when Baidu is adjusted first machine and stable rank, acquire a good place.