The problem of the keyword in SEO is summed up

When osculatory website is optimized, I often just hear of a keyword. I do not know what is a keyword at that time. Do I want to also have such friend? Then I make summary with respect to a few common problems that are aimed at a keyword.

Above all we should know what is a keyword.

Searching engine industry, alleged keyword, english is Keyword, the product that the person that hope to visit namely understands, serve or the diction of the content name such as the company.

The concept that knew a keyword, we look together other the problem about the keyword

One, of the keyword distributing with optimize matter?

The keyword distributings is the position that points to these keywords to go up in the webpage. This position can be main body of Title label, link, Headings, text, or any places that the character appears. Title label is the optimal position that the search keyword with a the most important webpage sets. Inside Title label, the layout means of the keyword is very important. The most important keyword should place the begin share in webpage Title label. If put all keyword, have inside Title label cause keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases (Keywordstuffing) dangerous. Any keywords must not be used more than 3 times inside Title label. Spark to prevent filter of keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases (Keyword Stuffing Filter) , appear twice at most the meeting is safer.

2, is the density of the keyword influential to website rank?

Keyword density is the ratio of the amount that points to to the keyword is used on the page and the total word number that discuss a page. Keyword density is a lot of search engine, include one of search algorithm of Google, Yahoo and MSN. Every search engine has one to cover the different mathematical formula about keyword density, keyword density can make you win taller rank seat. the degree of the keyword density with the concessional place before implementing penalty, different search also is put in different concessional level between engine. Be aimed at different search engine so, the density of the keyword also is different to the influence of the rank.

3, what is keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases?

Keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases (Keyword Stuffing) it is to show in a webpage Central Africa often places a keyword thick and fast. Say commonly, if the occurrence of the keyword is too frequent, with respect to the other content that can have built a webpage. If keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases may bring about Google to fall to the website,counterpoise, this my website (.cn) just beginning to go up when the line, many keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases undertook in home page, GG just began to do not have discovery, but did not pass 3 days, the rank of this website disappeared, although overspend keyword sparks likely the filter of Google (Filter) , but more serious problem is the potential loss that be hard to read because of content and causes visit discharge. If a searcher is sent,be full of a keyword everywhere in a page now, so he lingers almost impossibly in this page, and impossible also change pays cost the client into. The loss that causes as a result of keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases accordingly is double.

4, does the common form of keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases have those?

Numerous keyword is full of can form keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases in webpage information (Keyword Stuffing) . This kind of webpage looks more resembling is a chain of keyword, and unlike is other what thing. The another form of keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases is keyword or keyword as far as possible for many times in the Title ticket that writes a page. Search engine can reduce the search of this kind of webpage to rank normally, complete perhaps oversight these keywords. These two kinds of results do not have what advantage to the website. The bridge page of keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases (Doorway Pages) or invisible page (Cloaked Pages) the example that is overspend keyword not only, and the element that because oneself gets consequently formerly,still punishs. Be in all enter guiding to link (Inbound Links) intermediate frequency is numerous use identical link anchorage text version, also can be regarded to be a kind of form of key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases.

Above is the thing that my summary comes out, although not be very much,also not be very good, do not cross me or hope to be able to be helped somewhat to the novice.