The PR of the website is worth Pv and IP

The PR of the website is worth and not likely is to decide a website (the webpage that reachs its to be collected) the only element that ranks in searching a result, not be main factor certainly even, the real value that is worth to website PR accordingly has different understanding the PV of a website is tall, the browsing page that shows this station is big, very get need data everybody welcomes! General site, do not lack IP, but devoid PV value.

Why is that anxious IP? Because search ace to understand Hunan to search the complexion of engine, he is optimized through SEO (search engine is optimized) undertake optimizing to the website, next others searchs relevant content in searching engine, his station discharges advanced face, so very natural brought IP to arrive inside his station, but this kind of quantity that browse is temporary.

When the PV of the page that browse of a site one day is compared one when the overhead is high, demonstrative any comes the caller that you stand, got the intellectual point that he wants, but as a result of you station thing is abounded, the key is was aimed at is the data that he wants.