The picture searchs engine to optimize

The picture searchs engine to optimize the one part that dispute text content optimizes, roughly, about 15% ~ the search of 20% , it is to be aimed at image or of the picture. Google or Baidu has special picture index library, and search in a lot of news, shopping search, and socialization search, included a picture to be searched inside. Because this picture searchs engine,be being optimized is those who comparative is important.

The picture searchs the difficulty that engine optimizes to depend on, it is not a character, either be understood so easily by search engine, it is many a byte only, it is completely 101010. . . Of composition. Even if in science and technology of such flourishing now, the search engine of the mainstream cannot identify an image content directly, and give out a proper label.

Before the true content that identifies a photograph in what search engine still cannot succeed, SEOer still needs to had done a work very well, help search engine identify these picture content namely.

DavidYin introduces a picture to search optimized method below.

1) use the picture form that suits most

Picture format has a lot of kinds, for instance Jpeg, gif, png. So how to choose proper form? Here has a principle, if be a photograph kind, so with Jpeg, if be icon, ornamental picture, so with Gif, and a lot of moment of Png are used at the photograph kind pretty good also.

2) will name a picture with proper keyword

The keyword is included to search engine to optimize to the picture in file name for, very helpful, will name a picture with appropriate keyword, but, remember wanting keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases.

3) index giving search props up a bit clew

Search engine is mixed in capture content picture when, besides direct capture picture, still can analyse the literal content in picture around, in order to help the content of affirmatory picture.

4) use appropriate label

In HTML label, have Alt property to picture Img label is returned helpfully, this attribute can tell a browser, when the picture cannot show, with Alt attribute medium value is replaced. Same engine of this attribute search also looks get. Still want to remind of course, do not do the business of keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases.

5) the method of other

Found distinctive image content;

Provide the picture of high quality;

Provide the picture that can cause social effect.

There is an interesting tool in the Lab of Google, be opposite through two faceless users namely same Zhang Tu piece undertake label marks, will help Google increase the capacity of picture identifying. You also can have a try, oneself label label ability.