The perpetrate a fraud that gets Baidu rank quickly and cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions piece

Core clew: Had done those who search engine to optimize, do good content seriously besides, to searching what the search of engine is used to to master, also cannot be short of. Here introduces a few kinds of little skill that are aimed at Baidu.

One, practise deception

Common says to conceal content, multi-purpose wait for platform of Web1.5, Web2.0 at BLOG forum, most this kind of platform, give priority to a problem with normal topic, have a technology, character, finance and economics, network safety, 100 divisions, education, also the life lies fallow, vogue 100 divisions, idle away in seeking pleasure, in the platform with normal seem of this kind of surface, constant be mingled with a few articles that optimize cogged perhaps gimmick painstakingly, let Baidu impossible to defend effectively.

Also can use at new station to collect, general now motion picture stands, colour believes a station, the adult stands, baidu is not collected, calculated you to change again much rice, also be of no help, can put the homepage of a normal content first at this moment, let Baidu collect again, lie between a day quickly, slow person do not surpass a week. Here should emphasize the tierce that tells Baidu to check, very the station that collects much newlier because do not know tierce,check, and collect be sealed once more before long.

Baidu is collecting a website that day, can undertake be checkinged artificially first to the website, lie between one week later, baidu robot already finished the preliminary index to the website, can have artificial examination 2 times, lie between two weeks again (collect 20 days of) namely, baidu already made good website reference in the round, show majority webpage come, can have artificial examination the 3rd times, abbreviation Baidu tierce is checked. If use underhand method purposely to Baidu, must know keep back strength, had escaped Baidu tierce examination, do not put the content that any Baidu do not like stoutly. You want what to put later, baidu is very few adieu is artificial patronage. Friend of my a stationmaster, with this law, let Baidu successfully collect nearly 10 to be full of adult film word to optimize the BLOG that stick, be as long as of half an year long still also collect.

2, resurgence

Make Baidu new collect the effective method of your website: Buy domain name, domain name of the; after be being referred afresh turns jump, can turn jump to 4 big doors, after be being referred afresh OK; joins in Baidu is allied, put a Baidu code, after be being referred afresh.