The optimization of SEO individual webpage is operated

Core clew: Because this is of pair of webpage elements,the page optimizes a series of coming out, these elements include a webpage to name, webpage label, caption and webpage content, so, we discuss the content of next this respects.

The optimization of individual webpage is the painstaking work that search engine optimizes, need one page one page ground spreads out seriously, as railroad build, need a meter of propulsion of rice, till all fronts be well versed in, this job also is to let a lot of SEO personnel feel tired with impatient thing, should optimize especially hundreds of, on 1000 pages when, can of each page optimizing is content is not gotten careless, it matters to search rank to whether can appear flexibly directly, accordingly, before beginning this work, suck greatly at a heat, our long-distance running was about to begin immediately.

Crucial webpage content

Gift the file name that the webpage includes a keyword, what is the theme that also can help search all alone engine judges a webpage, for example, to selling the website of lead plane, can name a few webpages appropriately for Hosting.html, low-price-hosting.html, is not optional name the webpage wait for 1.html, among them Low-price is got-up Hosting, comprised a keyword together with Hosting, and the keyword will name a webpage, the page that sells this lead plane told to search engine, also told visitor at the same time, if caller collects this page bookmark to go up, what Hosting.html, Low-price-hosting.html showed it is collected is the webpage of what content.

Special remind: When naming with the keyword, use – intermittent date is not underline _ will link a keyword, for example, should use Low-price-hosting.html and not be Low_price_hosting.html

Crucial webpage caption

Webpage caption is a webpage when opening, be in of the browser on the character that appears in the blue scroll of end, english cries (Page Title) , this caption to a lot of person that browse, they are paid no attention to, but search engine is to be valued very much however, because, it is to be used to decide the thematic content of the webpage, so, we should have done the work of this part.

1, the adoption of the keyword and outstanding

2, control caption length and keyword frequency

3, the use of company name

4, key word combines skill

Inside English, the job of this phase is called On-page Optimization (the page is optimized) , carry the element that improves the got-up sex of the page namely, wait like the webpage caption, description, character that inscribe a head make when search engine is visitting a page the essentials that can hold a page quickly, the information that releases webpage place thoroughly is taken away, these improvement, all without exception is around the keyword use those who will undertake.

Although you never had heard SEO also had not been used, the content in your webpage still told search engine more or less these content is about what, the focusing that the page optimizes is these content, the sentence of problem of will main specification, term and caption in order to emphasize, outstanding, engine of all alone considering search indicates the theme of the webpage, if these elements add in,can react a theme, so, they are dependency with respect to what accomplished us to say – this basic requirement that searchs quality of engine judge webpage.