The optimal suffix law of SEO caption

The optimal suffix law of caption:

Quality assures, because the caption of the webpage can appear in the result that seeks engine show a page, ask the intention to fall in the caption of every webpage so!

Had better use the title of your website, or the mill brand name of your company, such ability can help the person that search for fast make out your webpage, should arrive once more later visit also can go to the lavatory quite. The basis considers to confirm, when the merchandise that has a card is put together with white brand merchandise, consumer tendency buys goods having a card and not be white brand merchandise; This research application arrives searching for engine also is identical on the result, tendency of the person that search for clicks them to have impressional website, is not the website that they never had listened to. Of course you also can pass through what put the keyword on caption to attract the person that search for to click.

Length cannot exceed 32 Chinese word

Because had titled,you do not need to grow to use hyphen name at the back of its " " , certain nevertheless search for engine to had restricted length outspread to 35 Chinese word was controlled.

The keyword of impropriety, actually this returns what be clear about completely, anyhow is the keyword that you used impropriety, the person that search for looks for the website that is less than you of course!

Include is relevant term

In the limit that can achieve in you, put truly relevant term into caption as far as possible in the center, say for example " office furniture website | Ark of desk, computer chair, iron – all your office furniture " can compare " office furniture website | Your office furniture " come well. The keyword that between caption these true positive close include, search for engine to yours regular meeting is helpful, because come so, not only it is keyword exposure frequency become much, and also can rise with the relevant degree of the person that search for. It is nevertheless in this example, if your website has another " iron ark " classified page, not be in the caption of this webpage special mention iron ark, search for engine so won’t floriferous time is judging ability after all is this webpage more important, additional still that " iron ark " classified page is more important.

Use space number

This one compared deflection English to just be used, do not cross Chinese content or can use, use for example in " page headline | Website name " this respect. The author puts forward, no matter be use cop symbol " | " , be more than a symbol " > " or dash " – " it is possible, also can mix of course use, for example " website name | Classify a name>Small classification name – page headline " such.

Right the person that search for be considerate

When thinking webpage caption, ask put oneself in other’s position it is consider of the person that search for: The websites that what keyword pass through to enter you are they? Perhaps want to look, what are you to the keyword set of your website? If your content is the data arranges relevant word, can consider to be in caption is expatiatory the gist of this data, for example " website caption | Camera of number of 2007 the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day purchases a directory " ; If your content is download, buy relevant word, can consider to show this content that downloads archives in caption, or the character of commodity, for example " website caption | The digital watch for an opportunity that uses daily like the most comfortable syncretic – brand + model " .

Perserve, as time passes, you can discover a the most applicable to your website caption uses formula, search for engine also gradually your website the setting is calculable website, of course, the person that use also is.

Webpage caption repeats in webpage content

The first <h1> in webpage content repeats webpage caption among label, can accentuate so search for engine to be calculated to the weight of this page headline, and the content that can ensure to after the person that search for enters a website, can see he wants truly so (after all, won’t you yield content beside the point? Won’t you yield content beside the point??