The nuclear idea that website picture optimizes thinks

Generally speaking, search index props up a knowledge to read text content, it is sightless to image. In the meantime, image file waits time of page to load directly, if exceed 20 seconds website to return cannot to load, user and search engine leave your website extremely likely. Accordingly, unless website content is,give priority to with the picture, for instance game site or the picture is crucial, avoid to use big picture as far as possible otherwise, should not collect more swing simple image to make a webpage (SplashPage) .

The core that website picture optimizes has at 2 o’clock. The text version that adds search engine to see is described, and the file size that reduces image as far as possible below the condition that maintains picture quality.

1.Alt attribute

Every image has Alt property in Img label, for example: Hangzhou searchs engine to optimize service business / , search engine can be read take this property in order to know the news of image. Accordingly, there had better be a character to describe in attribute of all pictorial Alt, take amid of this page key word.

2. text explains

Besides Alt attribute character, still can consider the following method to optimize image directly, make can be gone to by the search:

(1) the descriptive text version that includes a keyword is added in picture upper part or lower part.

(2) one increases to include a keyword in code paragraph Heading caption label, increase literal description in picture lower part next.

(3) in the picture lower part or on the side if more is linked,increase, include a keyword.

(4) found the page inside a few text version that draw an user to draw search engine again already, attract discharge to these pages first, offer text to link the picture page that points to you again.

Anyhow, the webpage should reduce adornment sex picture and big picture as far as possible. And the written language in Aft attribute is right for search engine, its importance wants than the character of text content low.

3.GIF and JPGE image are optimized

Alt attribute and text specification are to the text besides image the environment undertakes optimizing only, below talk about pair of picture itself simply optimize processing. The purpose that optimizes to picture file is to be below the situation that does not affect image picture result as far as possible, its file volume falls lowest, download speed in order to accelerate page whole.

Webpage picture format basically has GIF and JPGE two kinds of forms. Will tell commonly, GIF applies to the format of element of appropriate photograph of line attempt and enterprise label;JPEG. Main through reducing GIE color amount, contractible picture dimension is mixed reduce resolution to narrow file, also can use cascade style to be conveyed optimize a purpose. The version of PhotoShop applies to network graph higher more. In addition, cut of will big picture does different form into a certain number of little pictures joining together undertakes inside interval, also can accelerate download time relatively.

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