The novice makes a few when must notice on station SEO important segment

One, how to choose website theme

About the establish with a specific website, must discreet discreet. The theme of the website will have crucial effect to the commercial pattern of the website.

I had been written before " from the website hairdressing path to gain of website of medical treatment hairdressing " , inside with respect to the expatiation the importance that website theme chooses

The choice does the website of what type, it is the first task, need considers his actual strength and current environment. The surrounds view level to contacting a keyword closely choice of website theme.

2, website frame and structural program

Macroscopical the framework that will see website frame is a website, the framework ability of close solid props up hauling station content! Microcosmic the program that will look is website channel column

The program of the column follows the much density that also considers key word, distributinging problem! The attention of website frame I write before the respect " mix mark 3 years dish bird understands to the shallow of IT " one article has had an expatiation: 1. The thought of programmer 2. The eye of entrepreneur 3. The angle of the user.

3, the choice of website program and content origin

The choice of website program is a more troublesome issue, what involve a website because of him is whole from beginning to end, website program is necessary tool, good tool can improve productivity. I am in " the SEO that how engineers a website " the SEO detail that ever alluded to need to notice to respect of website program program mainly in the article, be like static state or trends – the program of Url, spider and user UE pay equal attention to the problem that in waiting for a few programs to develop a process, must note. And in the origin respect of content I once referred to stationmaster net " reasonable use SEO two dead acupuncture point raise key word to rank " , the likelihood is content adds up to editor appetite to be killed not quite.

In this article I explained to use mainly collect solve content and not by the point of K: If your capability is a bit stronger OK oneself revise database content field, replace relevant key word! The method that compares bovine X is he writes a this locality to replace a file to do batch to revise [oneself use such methodological] . Choose to suspicious moreover source when the relevant and professional BLOG that can collect big door appropriately, the content of general BLOG achieves a gender formerly tall! The friend that have fun at mights as well search article looks!

4, how to popularize quickly

The problem that major now website faces China may be promotion, how better go popularizing it is SEO ace also the method with very good neither one. Many rubbish station infestation adds the much element such as search engine industry to affect, truly frequent promotion may have incident sale only, and the website that considers frequent him promotion to stationmaster of a novice, I can say to want to have originality only, necessary when.SEO of the money that spend a dot adds contest price to add website characteristic content, attract website client quickly!

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