The novice learns SEO to need watchful issue

Believe very much credit learns SEO metropolis special worry, what to learn first? How should learn? How to pay acquired knowledge all at carrying out the problem that is hand of blame Chang Ji.

What is before learning, should needing to understand SEO after all, learn SEO to the novice, I feel to should understand a few problems and my proposal first:

1.SEO is not Spam link, spam ranks that and do not have too much technology content.

2.SEO optimizes is a website, be not optimize search engine, you should understand beforehand, the business that you do is the disposition that caters to search engine, do not want covet to let search engine to understand you deep, that is not actual.

3. does not have blind faith in a rank to improve the result that is SEO certainly.

4.SEO job has challenge sex very much, if you are the word that wants to win not to want to be defeated only, I think SEO and do not suit you.

5. if the jumping-off place that you learn SEO is ranked to rise namely, so I suggest you abandon, understand the word of SEO deep when you, your heart cannot check lives your cogged desire.

6.SEO technology needs you to have agile thinking, the most important is you can withstand the pressure that appears suddenly!

Before learning SEO, I feel everybody should be right SEO technology and search index prop up a few professional term to have certain knowledge, you and such others communication won’t appear not to know even retrorse link is what thing. Reference material: SEO professional term

If you are a stationmaster, believe these so called professional term understand very easily. What next you need is to browse website of technology of a few SEO to consult a few data, attention:

1. must adopt cautious attitude to the SEO on the net, because these SEO data are the experience summary of SEOER, it is to be able to be drawn lessons from, but not be absolutely and correct certainly.

2. tries to exchange your view with others, if you ask a someone directly, I believe to do not have a person to be able to answer you sincerely, speak oneself view first, also be the esteem to other.

3.SEO experience just is the most important, since announce SEO data is not secret, so a lot of things need yourself to experience. Fasten excessive to seek record of what SEO secret.

To SEO a few problems should have understand roughly, begin have sth in mind to try.

Stationmaster to increase flow:

Whether did you master 1. truly a few principles of SEO, this is most of at least.

You should understand 2. , a lot of things return the SEO data in announcing is be by reservation in SEOER brain or be be taken inside a few data and pass, these are you may do not have an attention. Before beginning to optimize him website so, you should be envisaged first, your behavioral search engine can cause allergy or be to bring a few troubles, if you are not affirmatory, consult to a few professional SEOER please.

3. is paid do not become direct ratio with redound, can depressed? This is very normal thing.

To enter SEO ring:

Whether did you master 1. truly a few principles of SEO, this is most of at least.

2. the view to others, whether are you willing to understand deep, whether to have oneself different understanding and view, SEO does not have forever authority, the problem that a lot of people say you also are necessary to seek testimony. Echo what other says is not what SEOER is.

Whether is 3. good at communicating.

Whether can 4. bear failure.

Had thought the problem above can begin the brigade that proceed carries out.

Does 1. use new station or existing website? I suggest or had gotten with new station, search of because you are OK more thorough knowledge brings the attitude that props up pair of new stations, and the small discovery that can a lot of expect are less than.

2. does 2 websites, one is optimized, an observation, of course two websites cannot exactly like, go related content, to score analyse, see distinction where be, where is the problem, improve a method, if why is the effect waited a moment, oneself are experienced slowly! Must careful, the parameter of each respect suggests you go arranging the need with summary is being analysed at the back of equipment.

The goal that 3. fulfils is a rank not just absolutely, you have more jobs to want to do, data analysis, search index props up certain rule, a few suitable skill are waited a moment, although also have these those who mention is in in SEO data, but oneself had carried out the knowledge with real talent.

4, ad cool-headed, sober.

5. should do what to do, fasten and search engine to make fun of petty trick. The experiment that makes fun of pattern of course is possible. Although this does not have what meaning, recreation just!

6. is in solid without fixed thing evidence and for many times below the circumstance of experimental result, be not announced or be to remind a reader, lest cause the misunderstanding of a lot of people, if cause loss, you can be scolded dead, ask speak and act cautiously.

At SEO new personality, I feel to communicate with others compared with do a few tests more substantial, of course different is more important, pass the study of period of time, believe you had new understanding and knowledge to SEO, if I do not have a bad shot, you are in now optimize SEO this word, ah

Do not want to loosen first please, had not repaired Cheng Zhengguo now, I say below you can consult only, it is my individual viewpoint only, everybody is different to the understanding of SEO, so different opinion is commonner, seek common points while reserving difference

Analysis of 1. website fixed position and corresponding dissolve the network sale at SEO technology is politic.

2. improves website major knowledge.

3. huge data analyses ability. Very difficult question, can take exercise slowly only

Movement of 4. competitor SEO and sale strategy are analysed, formulate corresponding strategy, surmount the job that is us.

5. key word distributings, analysis, formulate keyword strategy.

6. webpage is optimized integratedly.

7. individual resource. This resource depends on his understanding, be not let you build group of stations

The thing of respecting is very finite perhaps, SEO is the job that has challenge sex very much really, among them only oneself experience joy slowly. Additional, consult: How to do successful SEOER.

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