The novice does station content choice and optimize

Everybody is good, I am stationmaster communication stationmaster Super, in the article, the choice that will explain site content for novice stationmaster with him experience and optimize, hope to the novice stationmaster can be helped somewhat!

Novice stationmaster, what is the site theme that oneself must make clear before making a station, want to be clear that what oneself station general orientation is namely. Still be an adage, new station starts, do not reach for what is beyond his grasp! Thinking have a skyrocketing rise, do integrated kind of route that the station should take it is very hard, as enter newly of travel, still learn to climb to learn to walk again first, those who go became firm gift is nicer run quickly ~

After making clear a target, should choose key word for his station, understanding the person of the same trade that finishs oneself what to have became famous more successfully quite, understand their key word, make key word apt as far as possible but do not repeat with others again, such ability discharge the front row that searching engine successfully more easily. Realize another goal of the person of the same trade, namely can in time the content that the ground gets him to need, oneself ability is limited after all, why doesn’t successful content take others to generate a profit for oneself?

Choice content is crucial with respect to a word: The country surrounds a city, everything around key word!

A lot of stationmaster are standing newly initiative for fast and many rich content, often use tripartite method, will collect the content of other site directly through collecting a tool, remind everybody here: Collect be not not usable, but must remember, collect proper modification should undertake after coming, optimize, especially the begin part of caption and content, want to undertake certain modification as far as possible, proper undertake modification around key word, but key word of load one’s writing with fancy phrases of avoid by all means! Do not pile up one caboodle key word, this is great harm to search engine! Illustrate: The article caption that for instance you collect is stationmaster communication remind a novice stationmaster notices the following! You can undertake as follows modification appropriately: A few item that new station should notice—-Stationmaster communication, avoided copyright problem basically so, let search engine to think this is an article however, the beginning of the article also undertakes altering appropriately according to this manage partly, and be added into your key word appropriately, seemingly very simple, but actually, this is SEO, it is simple optimizing!

Still having a bit is, must many sided undertakes draw materials, what staring at the content death of a site only is duplicate, should understand a bit, the station affirmation of the old sign that starts formerly is more dominant than you, even if used also compares 3 hands want costly! And metropolis dark inner tube has a lot of implied meanings the link that they stand originally perhaps is pointed to, but this is not terrible, your advantage depends on them a lot of achieve formerly arrived one case centrally, this also is a kind of advantage! Why Hao123 succeeds? How much his content does Hao123 have? What is the advantage, the thing that is a numerous station arrived one case centrally, went to the lavatory others, also went to the lavatory oneself, accomplished oneself!

On this foundation, to new station, had been very easy the sign that had small success! The search begins to collect your page in great quantities, even, your a few content after passing period of time can discharge the front row of the search.

But for better progress, go up in this foundation or suggest everybody a bit, want right amountly to be added into a few oneself elements, oneself achieve formerly! Such ability are popularized effectively quite expand oneself website.

Relying on to eat others is impossible to found truly of oneself brand, and share everybody a regulation: The search is sensitive very to achieving these two words formerly! The thing that starts formerly can deepen a search very easily to leave the good impression that props up the site to you, regular addition achieves content formerly, it is a shortcut that you move toward a success!

Do not tell me you do not have the content that achieves formerly, how can if people says you do not have brain,you think? Who doesn’t have brain, who did not nod whose thought? YES, it is this thought, it is the birthplace that you achieve formerly! Even if wrong irrespective also, what is the greatest success of Archimedes? It is the law that he left much error for later ages, the science of later ages progresses, develop step by step on the foundation of this mistake namely rise, nobody can debase him, he still is successful! So, must not subdue your idea, do not do not have self-confidence to oneself, believe yourself’s thought can be helped somewhat to others! Wanted you to do only, successful path with respect to open!