The normative HTML code that the website optimizes

The Html code of standardization has a lot of profit to a website, for instance: Convenient, code safeguards correcting easily, code measures small, website to open career fast, suit more crowd to read etc, here is not listed one by one. The angle that sheet optimizes from the website looks, the more favorable reference that use search props up the Html code of standardization rank. But a lot of stationmaster did not realise this however, influence website is searching the rank on engine.

Below, we begin to have primary improvement to our website:

Add DOCTYPE to the webpage

What is DOCTYPE? DOCTYPE is the logogram of Document Type, understood what is DOCTYPE! DOCTYPE is documentation type, using the HTML that shows you or XHTML is what version, the DTD that meeting ground defines the browser in your DOCTYPE (Document Type Definition) will explain page code, can be imagined, wrong DOCTYPE can appear what result.

XHTML1.0 offerred 3 kinds of DOCTYPE for us:

1.Transfer model (Transitional)

It is quotative content below:
< ! DOCTYPE Html PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN, all rights reserved / >

3.Site introduction

It is quotative content below:
<Name=deion Content=seo168 offers Seo to optimize a service for vast enterprise / >

4.Site keyword

It is quotative content below:
<Content= searchs engine to optimize, seo Name=keywords/>

Shut all label

The label that open must be shut, for example <p></p> , of course still one kind closes kind, be like: <br/>

Property value rises with draw together

For example: <img Height= 80 />

Assign to all attribute

Write a law incorrectly: <input Checked/>
Write a law correctly to be: <input Checked= Checked/>

All XHTML elements and its attribute name use small letter

XHTML is big the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral is sensitive
Write a law wrongly to be: <TITLE></TITLE>
Of the standard write a law to be: <title></title>

Label wants reasonable nest

Write a law incorrectly: <div><h1></div></h1>
Write a law correctly to be: <div><h1></h1></div>

Special character marks with encode

Be like<Express with Lt; , >express with Gt; .

Increase Alt property for the picture

Alt attribute was appointed show when the picture cannot show for replacing text.
Be like: <img Src=/images/logo.gif Alt=seo168 serves for you / >

The element that uses structuralization outputs content

For example: You want to input 3 text, can use:

It is quotative content below:

I suggest to replace the kind above with the means below:

It is quotative content below:

These standards can be opposite above your website has primary improvement, raise a search to bring the grading that props up the website to you. Saw the thing of Suo of Suo of this many Luo Luo, brains is muddled, drink a cup of tea, good Luck!

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