The new website that lets you lets him fly after combining SEO

Many new center begin to be attracted by Seo place. But Seo is it is difficult that one says, say simple topic. The key depends on everybody differring to the understanding angle of Seo. Become a monk late in life of a lot of stationmaster, know to indissoluble partly to Seo, the operation rises ignore east ignore on the west. The article is the angle from website stationmaster will analyse, directive everybody from the initial stage that build a station with Seo marriage, reasonable use Seo to make a perfect website. Everybody can be mixed according to his interest hobby, make a website afresh according to the tutorial, undertake with tutorial synchronism.

One: ? Eight of Du of  bureau chart?

What should decide above all is the fixed position of the website, avoid by all means does not do big and complete website. Because you can discover you are unable to do what one wants very much to do in the future. Can do the respect with good little certain actually, also be successful. Remember: The trend with dedicated sharper ability is successful. The website locates because of the person different, everybody considers by oneself.

The website has located, be about to analyse the keyword that gives a core according to his plan. Is your website what to content do? Abstract next give a speech. For instance sci-fi, mobile phone game, the server closes hire etc.

Then, will register a proper domain name. If you want to do big, develop for a long time, so Com is first selection. Let a domain name include a keyword as far as possible, become good basis for the following Seo. The domain name includes the result of the keyword, everybody be obvious to all. Everybody can use phoneticize or English form comes out keyword expression. Perhaps added a keyword, this domain name appears value became low, but to Seo however 100 benefit and without kill. It is OK to register a domain name to recommend everybody to arrive on the net below the search over there free change the name of owner in a register.

Next, should choose a likely website course. Recommend use Kingcms(asp) or Dedecms(php) or Iwms(.net) , because they have an advantage each, compare convenient Seo. Go buying a suitable space, upload website program next.

2: Website frame is revised

Modify website program appropriately, use a style pattern plate that oneself like next. Each order government websites that mention above or forum had offerred different pattern plate, also have many tutorials that undertake in the light of the program source code alters, ask everybody to be revised according to liking proper motion. There also are a lot of pattern plates here / Html/WebTemplets/index.html

The list that makes classified column respective become independent in as far as possible, do not pile up all pages to root catalog. It is convenient management, 2 it is for worth of foil column power. As to its another purpose, can continue to mention below.

The home page of website home page and every catalog should set different label (the) such as Title/keywords/description, this ten million wants to remember. If you are collection word, it is OK that the page needs set caption to differ only inside, if other label repeats be inferior to be not being added instead.

Order of page character importance is from the top down, from left arrive right. This conversation does not have factual basis, but everybody’s acquiescent conclusion is in Seo circle. Have interrogative word, can Baidu Seo gold triangle, perhaps everybody can understand.

Website navigation must have been done, let what user and search engine can go to the lavatory find the content that he need. Recommend use character navigation, additional explicit website had better have a clear navigation line, tell an user where they are now. For instance: Home page→Column name, actually this function is in each Cms systems basically compositive.

Still a problem needs to notice: In you the website is made do not want as soon as possible to release before, what can have a lot of accidents otherwise is troublesome. When releasing, do not need to take too much page, need to take on ten basic pages only enough. After engine of all alone waiting for search is collected, update again not late also.

Do not know why to a lot of people can complain it is difficult to let search engine to collect, collect actually very simple. General and normal new site, want to have certain literal content only, active in site appears an exterior join, can be collected inside 24 hours.

3: Website content fill

After engine of all alone waiting for search collects his website, can update content regularly. If time is enough, suggest everybody is updated everyday, the website fixed position that updates quantitative him basis is firm. If topic of your content of website theme itself is little, it is OK also to update everyday.

When updating, general Seo emphasizes achieving content formerly. But individual stationmaster after all energy is finite, so everybody makes sure content is achieved formerly completely impossibly. When so everybody is updated, notice, can modify the content that arranges appropriately.

Caption can change change a title, won’t change title really, do a summary to should be met? Come out article carelessness summary with 3 two words, as content brief introduction / introduction. Fine can add his copyright: Does the article come from? ? ? , xxx website *** is arranged, reprint retain link please. In quote? ? ? Represent source, xxx represents your website name, *** represents your network address. Additional, some people advocate a content to distribute a page, the intent with cent actually original page is to raise GG advertisement to reveal rate, achieve the effect that have formerly to Seo bogus very small.

Update a few days continuously, the website is stabilized basically, can seek exterior link for the website. Exterior connective gets a means a lot of, commonly used is commutative friendship join, but the effect is best is flexible language. General to not quite popular keyword, the friendship link that has 229 independent websites is enough. As to it is OK to get exterior connective means 101 methods that reference adds to be linked reversely. Can you consult next: ? Lip of Mian Yong acute hearing Gu embraces?01 method (/ Union/Index.html sees website alliance, information is very complete.

The article did not emphasize Seo skill, the reason is located in primary stationmaster surely in Yu Wenzhang, the purpose depends on coaching how everybody builds a new website only. The language is more general, but be experience talk.