The new station has just established how to promote

First, choose to do before making a stand keywords, this is very important, followed by the domain name you want to do good, and so is substantially the same keyword search is also a great help.

The new stand made out of the promotion phase flow is lowest when there is little natural flow.
I went to Baidu, google search methods to improve website traffic, know a lot of the so-called secrets.
Thus, the introduction of several methods to practice one by one, have never been analyzed road. It turned out that the flow is like a farmer, like, a little bit of accumulated because it is other people’s stations have tons of content, diligent posts in
other sites such as the establishment of tianya, celestial space above other sites, trying to contribute content, submitted for external links site with a variety of techniques.

all in all. Are based on the content and promotion. With only the survival of the content and flow-based site. I think, by these points, Baidu does not like your site, you can also make a good
station. make a big flow station. However, for webmaster, Baidu is the first promotion of the essence if Baidu can be included, that do stand up, you can do more with less, ah.

So, you may be wondering, not better method? I do use my experience to tell you, no.
Do flow, as long as a method on the line.
Like many large sites, they are only two ways to get traffic:

1, the natural flow.
For example, we know that Taobao, so when open naturally input.
At this time, we are Baidu’s natural flow.
This time the site has been entered a very regular phase.

2, purchase links.
Link large high pr site, so there is a lot of quality inbound links.
Because of funding problems, so buying links can save time and effort, this method is more reliable than the seo.
Because seo is dependent on the search engines, if there is no search engine, seo lost effect.
The flow rate was purchased without any restrictions, except money.

When the flow method of a site only natural traffic, the site would have done the highest level of traffic.
As China’s Internet users are aware Baidu same.
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