The net makes up necessary: Search the main essential factor that engine optimizes

1.Found good content

You think the Google that has gotten is ranked, but you should ask yourself first: Why is your website ranked before leaning? Face intense network competition, that one ability is the main reason; before you think the rank leans the person that you need more calling in, you think the thing with transmit your individual to think very important, you want to change the world, or you just want to sell a dot the thing. Why is your website ranked before leaning? The eye is propped up in Google and other search index in, you are another stationmaster nevertheless, and the part with search will important engine offers searcher. Before had better be certain oneself should lean in Google rank so, and it is what yourself is offerring to searcher. Want you to accomplish this to nod you to be able to be carried out only the 2nd measure and the 3rd measure, so how to do:

* search engine basically understands text. So you should be founded hard interesting, the content of the text form that has depth. Use Flash movement, video or a few pictures won’t rise counteractive, but also won’t very good help searchs engine. One had better detect the source code that searchs engine to whether can understand the method of the webpage to see a webpage namely (right attack a choice " examine source document " , other browser is likely not so appellation) treat indication text condition.

* subsequently, may many search inquiry can link your website. Must abandon decisively optimize each inquiry series at that time, the realest strategy is to let your website have more relevant content. If your website is the things with the dog is relevant, so the result raising a dog that you are written and the content; such as the result of shoe of the dress design of food of dog, dog, dog, dog that make also can put the renaissance period that reachs two at the same time (as far as possible much interpreter gives different language version) .

* the things that we assume you sell a dog really, and your competitor and you are same, there also are a lot of relevant contents in that website. At that time you want have a thing only, found relevant content not just, distinctive wallpaper downloads the person that found the increment graph; that achieves content; to found the game; related to dog name to make a dog formerly to offer dogginess hard even. You should be clear, the business that does a few others to did not think of. Characteristic means a netizen to have manage origin the website that your website is not your competitor.

* founds many primitive content is easier job. So difficult? Which establish the authority in this domain namely, this does not have what shortcut. Of course, probable you had been an expert, this is first-rate, so the expert knowledge that I suggest you share you. People can love your website, because they can gain a few knowledge,be, apparent, this meeting changes their life, although the change may be very few (the likelihood is you those who bring them is the effective kind that does a business, or you solved) of their a certain problem. Contrary, if you are not the expert of established domain, I suggest you found guest of a rich, every smallpox expends a hour or time of again much dot studies relevant knowledge and news, the edge learns an edge to write. Probably after half an year, you should meet the expert that becomes rich guest special subject.

2. Make your content more convenient read

The field that we leave you to care now, the things of the dog, or you are doing other, move comes to skill respect, make your content more convenient read with this. Content of the picture that with the person that the mankind is visited the hope sees, text is different, searching what the robot sees is material, for instance label of HTML label, word of webpage caption, link, thick substance is waited a moment. The change of HTML is not very fast, but you perhaps are met of err thing. So you are not wanting to be done personally according to the idea of others, the double-faced sex that understands a thing is necessary:

Every page does * only a good thing. (This should be OK the) that has done. If you have a page that sells dog clothes, so should this page have: ?   ? " dog dress " you sell the picture; that this triliteral adds thick part; to have dog clothes the article; of dog dress the description of this dress attribute. Additional, even the guiding of look of inside Shanghaiguan of photograph of a few websites is linked, for example the link; of all things depicts the pooch your link (the connection information such as the address that should have a company at least among them, your mail) the link; that; returns a homepage is waited a moment.

* the caption of every page should be exclusive, and ensure it can reach the described this page content of your person be convinced correctly. If your page is the blue dress of the dog, so the caption of this page should be included " the blue dress of the dog " , for example " some website gives Lai Mou the clothes that the dog buys a blue " , and should not be " such-and-such website " perhaps " the garment of inside and outside of the popular design of cat of such-and-such website sale, dog " .

* discretion is used contain kind of Markup scroll that like H1 and H2 such link form comprises such paragraph of such thick substance tag, P, A, ensure the website accords with HTML4 or the official standard of XHTML1. The navigation that a lot of means will show a website, for example, the Flash of use trends, use multilayer, use next pulling casing, or the JS script of other. This makes a mistake possibly, those who maintain HTML is simple, be in only necessary when script of ability use JS, frame frame, it is best that use CSS will decorate a page.

* ensures simple, stable and each page is fast read take. For example, do not use different URL, do not found heavy directional (Redirects) , had not used long and complex URL. Simple and stable webpage goes to the lavatory to people is collected or cite namely, also can let search engine, for instance Google, make dependable " Trust " evaluation. If your webpage is the gules dress with the dog is relevant, so its URL should be " website name / the dress / gules " or " website name / product / the gules dress.html of the dog " .

Wanting to had made these points is not very easy and can err sometimes, but it is good that you also do not need to do all businesses do all businesses. Say ideally, enable you or your website developer can be over system of complete pilot CMS, and make can yet be regarded as of a stencil a tweak. But before enable, had better do fair test, add new product for instance or article, adjust all bold-faced size, root that perhaps replaces all pages, if you have a headache for this, so prove the system chooses a fault.

3. Tell others your content

Before, people the webpage to optimize them, always join a lot of a lot of keywords. But today’s search engine, very lucky to searcher, not be so good any more those who cheat. The search engine of Google and other besides the website that pays close attention to you, the reliability of the website that the website that can pay close attention to other more will come to judge you… examine the site that links your website especially. The reliability of your website is accordingly higher, so its rank is higher when inquiring. So Where is the link that how acquires other website? You had built outstanding content () of the first measure, the website readability that you also let you is linked stronger and easily () of the 2nd measure, so the job that leave lets others be flourish in order to link you namely, not be to stem from pity, because you assure to exchange a link,also not be, because you buy these links,not be more, because your content can satisfy his person that visit,be only.

* line leaves an activity: Go conference center, Fair, any people may generate interest and the hope knows the place of the website.

The activity on * line: Of content of the website that make mail list, participate in news discussion group and relevant forum, seek relevant classified list (for instance Dmoz) and the site that refers oneself, with relevant administrator or rich guest connection. But must not transfer vaunting, it is cogged that this kind of egoistic meeting is admitted to do " Spam " . Contrary, you should spend bit of time to help others, for example, you can write an article to another website. Must not resemble throw the URL that your website sticks in disorder everywhere like rubbish, in that way you meet what be cleared to go out by rubbish of person family belongs certainly.

* other activity: Is the TV station discussing a website? Good, write a letter to give them, the introduction issues his website, of disadvantage of this it doesn’t matter. The goes digging pair of websites to be interested person of effort, for instance newspaper, broadcasting station, magazine or other means. The kind that also has a few other can be helped somewhat, do bit of humourous thing for instance (in the Tu Hao on the back the name of the website goes next on the football ground streaking) perhaps sign in the place that deserves sign one’s name (write this book, take a picture, no matter naked illuminate) . The things to the dog for this caption, you can train your dog even, let it call your website name, inspect paragraphs whole next

Frequency uploads Youtube to go up, estimating you is a head for certain.

* if you have surplus money, so might as well advertise on search engine, for example Google AdWords. But this is not equal at real rank result, it is the childhood in the website only period the website that helps you is a few more outstanding.

Additional, what to do even?

If you completed the work above, the content that has founded, make content more convenient read, tell others content, so you are OK go to bed a little while, come back to continue to perfect your website next. In at first 9 months do not need those who worry about Google to collect, in fact, fasten those who care about Google to collect at all. In start perhaps your website can give level to search engine now far from in, perhaps can not appear all the time, and your competitor is ranked however very good… do not forget this to need time. (Do not want next wanting that rank better reason to overlook reach a conclusion after weighing a matter, what should still do besides, if your competitor is large, of well known, movement is favorable and it is dependable website, so its rank behoove is before you) .

After a few months, what should do? Go supervise and examining your website namely, go discovering people discovers all sorts of keywords of your website. Might as well program of use website statistic, for instance Google Analytics assists you to complete this work. These statistical programs need you to insert the code that dog in the website, count a Queen of heaven, you can discover your where a page is the most outstanding, which page got the favour of searcher. Undertake adjustment according to these data in retrospective job next.

For example, discover special favour when you " the result of shoe of the dog that make " page, so you can produce such content more, and be in " the result of shoe of the dog that make " the link that the page joins to look so that see, be like " the shoe that buy a dog " .

Another example, when you discovery always has a flock of people to carry a search everyday " the blue dress of the dog " the website that enters you, and the page that they leave is to sell " the blue dress of the dog " and " the gules dress of the dog " page, in other words, namely your data flow let a person arise " misunderstanding " . But, you offer " the blue dress of the dog " the place with the other websites that the page exists certainly, understood this kind of situation when you, you add a link with respect to the place that should enter a website in people, point to a sale " the blue dress of the dog " and " the gules dress of the dog " page.

Of course, after once these search engine,optimized main job is finished, you can search more optimizing knowledge, read more searches rich guest, perhaps employ the adviser that engine of a search optimizes. However, must be careful, a few advanced secret book may let your reading your backyard on fire, or you employ a fault the adviser that search engine optimizes. It is one is examined quickly below " optimize " list, you should endeavor to avoid:

* does not pile up in irrelvant place a large number of keywords

If somebody suggests you increase a few domain names to assist a rank,optimize search engine; only, and you think overmuch domain name is met misdirect your client, that is not added.

* does not believe those assure " fast rank the first " , " the lie of and so on of before assuring to enter 10 ″

* does not link the website that those promise turn over catenary to come back

* does not link those promise to pay the website of cost, unless you are clear,know you what to doing (for example, you understand " bad neighbour " , " the attribute of Nofollow " , " PageRank " , " JS advertisement and the distinction that text links " , " what does experience Google penalty mean? " )

* does not found the page like much portion content

* does not let others if you have a forum,leave the URL; of rubbish in your website, insist to fight with Spam

* does not drop about in the website of others your URL

* does not use cheap server, they cannot be you mostly statistical discharge, build corresponding administrative tool, if you want to have good website and server, you should pay

Keyword of the Meta label that * does not want excessive and afraid page, Meta is other perhaps. Your time should be used on the content that has founded

* does not use those to refer the tool that engine of classified catalog, search waits a moment automatically

* does not all alone to search engine and user refer different content; to conceal text especially

* is not excessive optimize, if search engine cognizance website is excessive,optimize, so they can punish you for certain

* says simply, do not want him flatter oneself cleverer than searching engine (unless you decide to cost lifetime energy to struggle to it) those inform against the award with; search already paid engine cogged stationmaster, from the point of long-term vision, the chance of cogged success is very little

After all, wish lucky.

Author: Philipp Lenssen

Article: The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

Interpreter: Wkcow