The more and effective promotion that return chain increases to link 10 methods reversely

Core clew: Study ceaselessly as technical development and everybody, increasing the novel means that return chain is used by a lot of people gradually.

Discuss to turn over a few basic methods of catenary about increasing probably today. The methodological may not that I say can be covered all, the fact proves, study ceaselessly as technical development and everybody, increasing the novel means that return chain is used by a lot of people gradually, after reading this article, the hope can be helped somewhat to your present job, also hope you can find the more and effective method that return chain, abound a variety of gimmick of SEO together.

Commutative link

This kind of method is the commonnest, also had said to watchful item needs among a few exchange yesterday. Basically be support at ordinary times a few human relations are accumulated. Of course, some friends may find the website stationmaster with a lot of very strong dependency very hard to exchange a link, irrespective, you can hit out actively, collect the connection means of the website stationmaster with those good quality, write a letter to them, if the website did not leave connection way, can examine domain name supervisory to contact means according to inquiring the information of the domain name comes, also do not have not not be a kind of method.

Compose flexible language

A few flexible language are released between a few communal websites that can release information freely, include the link of the site, do not say as far as possible a few do not know so called word, should say between flexible language a few can reflect website value or the content of website footing, increase a link not overmuch, can cause allergy. A good flexible language, not only the site that should allow others to remember you, the viewpoint to you or information is interested, also want to cannot cause the allergy of others. Still be that word, everything should have degree, flexible language also should have quality

Website compose shows sexual literary works

What calls a specification sexual article? Cite a case, if you are a shopping website, you can be written how to select some some some product; If you are website of a content, you can write study some is such-and-such noticed at 14 o’clock; If you are download website, you can write such-and-such software some kind is used etc, explain sexual article included the combination of interrogative and keyword normally, be reprinted easily by other website as a result of the characteristic of content normally, the requirement in reprinting a process adds source source, although be reprinted 10 times,encounter to have moral, also calculate increased an individual event to return chain.

The use of socialization bookmark

There is a title label pasted on the cover of a Chinese-style thread-bound book of a lot of socializations now, reasonable the retrorse link that uses these socialization bookmark to be able to add website page effectively.

Reasonable use RSS

Output website content into RSS. Refer Google or Baidu news to wait a moment. Can a large number of IP are attracted, also can attract other site to undertake quotative to content. Of course, if the site content that premise is you achieves content formerly, won’t be collected to believe otherwise.