The link optimizes medium little detail: Address format must be united

When patulous and exterior link, pageRank can make judgement according to URL. Although have certain associated sex in every webpage in same domain name, but search engine or can make final judgement according to URL.

Contrary, even if identical webpage, want URL to differ only, search engine can regard them as wait for in light of different webpage

We should use Google ToolBar to determine actually only PageRank, can understand this.

For these two webpages.

The PageRank that sees Google ToolBar shows, although they are PR5. But they were regarded as different webpage. And the content of these two webpages is identical.

Same, whether is there file name in URL, the processing that also can be made differ by PageRank

For instance, .cn/ and the webpage can be regarded as to differ will handle.

Accordingly, when we request the link of exterior website, the book that must assure URL writes means to be united completely. Although be added in the begin of URL,do not add WWW, those who show is same a webpage, but consider from the angle of PageRank, must unite a kind to write a law.

And / the file name from the back, when adding a link, can omit had better omit

Because / Index.php or / these file famous generals come to Index.cgi to produce change likely. Normally we can open a webpage first, copy URL next. URL often contains file name, at this moment we had better delete these file names first. these two kinds write a law, / the webpage that also can be treated as to differ, under photograph comparing, have / betterer.

In fact, when visitting a website if we do not add / , the server can be added automatically, somebody thinks to write accordingly do not write without the difference.

Add / , the server commands; with respect to can direct processing and receive did not add / when the visit asks, the server can be changed automatically add / website. Accordingly, if we did not add / , server with respect to multiprocessing. Although be small business, but the burden that increased a server however.

Same, when website interior installs a link, also need those who unite URL to write a law. Because the link of website interior also is met,become the target that SEO evaluates.