The link knowledge of Seo foundation

Core clew: Becoming a link is the website optimizes an indispensable job, so the ABC that communicates link issueing hey together with everybody today.

1, anchorage character: The literal; that is used at the link can affect SEO result directly. Anchorage character can differ, but every anchorage character should be to follow website theme relevant, and the target keyword that had better be our place hope. But anchorage character repeats onefold also may not is meddlesome.

2, retrorse link: Also cry exterior link and guide link.

3, derive link: Derive the link increases user experience not only appropriately, to website itself, also have openly effect. But the amount that should charge control and guide to give a link and quality.

4, PR value: Website weight. 1-10 class, the cost is jumped over higher welcome.

5, high grade outside catenary:

(Course of study of 1) person of the same trade or the fluctuation related the industry swims the website with better rank.

(The website with 2) website tall weight.

(3) content quality is good, update the website with tall frequency.

(4) derives the website with little link.

(5) can appear in the link in text.

(6) navigation station or the link that network address stands