The Link in searching engine and Domain inquire the distinction of the instruction

Although we write this topic below the category of SEO introduction, but data discovery is checked on the net according to us, the discriminative existence of a lot of people to Link and Domain is misunderstood, that is to say this question is not simple.

We give out directly here the answer, not citing, do not talk why, with more concise palpability. If you have different point of view, arrive to search engine test and verify accordingly please. Perhaps answer in SEO doubt forum leaves a message to us.

A bit the most important: Link and Domain represent different meaning in different search engine.


1 Baidu, link does not represent an instruction, it is a common key word only. Link: Searching a result is to contain a such key word (Link: ) all webpages of word group, like the search of other and common keyword. Not be to search retrorse link.

2Google, those who search is retrorse link, but include a website only the little part of all and retrorse link. Tool of the member that we recommend use Google website to manage checks a website all and retrorse link.

3Yahoo, those who search is retrorse link, but need adds Http:// before the domain name, be like: Link: Attention: The domain name is added with increasing Www result is different.


1 Baidu, some keyword is included in examining webpage content. Be like: Domain: Searching a result is to include key word word group (SEO is similar. If want to search the network address that you include in having content of how many webpage, domain is OK the use on the clique.

2Google, domain does not represent an instruction. It is a common key word only.

3Yahoo, like Site. Those who search region under one’s name is all collect a webpage.