The last class of SEO of editor and Gu Ge’s interesting rich play chess

Core clew: After 10 days, my website appears on the 9th page that searchs a result. This also attended the last class about SEO to me: Everything needs patience.

I very a report that sees oneself before be fed up with what searching a page a few times write: Above all, I do not write the article of the sort of subject matter usually; Next, the caption of the article lacks appeal – – Nuowake’s part returns inaccuracy to decide

Magical is, this article makes one of my shop sign on the network however. Come several years, search my name on the net every time, it always is be among the best of candidates. Serve as from course of study old, and the medium that gives a book even recently and technical domain reporter, I feel this article cannot represent my professional level. Accordingly, before a few months, I begin to try to find a way, get rid of this article from inside searching a page, incidentally other a few look not the work of pleasing to the eye is cleared also go out. This also explores the search engine of avoid mentioning to optimized the brigade of artistic endless, hardships to pull open heavy curtain for me.

A malady of age of Lisa Haney number depends on, internet brings endless freedom to the person, but the capacity that also limitted ourselves. Before the search engine that does not have place escape form in everythings on earth comes out, you can be in ground of the adapt oneself to changing circumstances when date with the person or attending interview of invite applications for a job to introduce all sorts of your cases, you read the member of the group also won’t know era of your high school once was a youth of friend gram rock-and-roll. But in cereal song times, pack oneself to become very difficult. On Internet, your network identity often is in by limitation the page of search engine result of own name (SERP) the content that description of before 10 place gives.

Of course, gu Ge is not exclusive Internet to search engine, but it is a when have dominant place most, so I want to center energy to treat do well of his Gu Ge SERP only a bit.

The first my idea is take away the article that does not want from inside SERP, but search engine expert and advisory Danny • Sha Liwen (Danny Sullivan) say to me, the content in result of search of song of take out cereal is extremely difficult.

Sha Liwen says, if you can prove to Gu Ge, filch of a certain website credit card or your social welfare number, bank account number are its paste on the net, so Gu Ge can consider a relevant content to carry away from inside searching a result. Although be below this kind of circumstance, gu Ge or proposal victim look for relevant website to delete content directly. Unless stem from jural consideration, otherwise Gu Ge won’t intervene. Sha Liwen say.

Nevertheless, gu Ge encourages people to be founded on the net really about oneself, absorbing content, affect search result thereby. People should master his network identity. The • of search expert Adam of cereal song company pulls Sinike (Adam Lasnik) say. He still suggests to say, want to accomplish this, best method is the job that he keeps oneself, use the means that is searched easily by Gu Ge to release, acquire authority and the link that have the website of dependency hard.

To know detail further, I sought advice " wall street daily " website ( search engine optimizes advisory Ailikesi • Bei Na is special (Alex Bennert) , he suggests I use better content those not the article of pleasing to the eye is pressed go down, for instance I interact in the society of LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace website archives, and wait in the rich guest of Twitter website.

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