The keyword locates to in the action of small website SEO

To the technology, I just understand fur; To SEO, also can calculate a dish bird only, but the view that dish bird also has him to SEO, case of my the first SEO is the website that becomes him company, change the job from the actor that a few medium and small businesses became again after this. From the contact SEO arrives write plan of company website SEO to arrive again carry out optimize, accomplish 2 targets keyword finally Baidu home page the first, and before GG home page 5, additionally Yahoo once also had period of time to 7 are in before home page, besides the element of a few foundations of SEO and skill, the analytic fixed position of target keyword is the key with successful SEO of website of medium and small businesses, also be the tricks of the trade that brings cause client and order form for your enterprise.

Do SEO to be able to choose him target keyword commonly group in the most popular, because the person of the search will be very much, flow is large. But, opposite at other website, medium or small the target keyword that produces treatment company is chosen the meeting is a little different, because SEO purpose is to be an enterprise to bring order for goods to give priority to, website discharge is deputy, so of target word choose have the following principle commonly:

Principle one: Do not choose the hottest, choose only the most appropriate. Make an example, for example the enterprise that you are mobile phone of batch production treatment, this word is the mobile phone very popular, baidu index day all makes an appointment with 4W, but the difficulty that does not say SEO first has how old, set out from the angle of your cause client, this word suits to do your website target keyword not quite. Because of mobile phone of general and direct search basic it is individual user, and the business does batch business, have conflict. And of the cause client that machining new word waiting for a clique like the mobile phone is you instead love most.

Principle 2: Firm objective word needs to learn conversion to think. Have a client that wants to look for mobile phone OEM to process trade for instance, he won’t input a mobile phone to search directly, general meeting machines the term such as business with mobile phone supplier, mobile phone, these terms are possible discharge is not very big, baidu index also won’t show data, but location is exacter, the cause client accuracy that brings to the website and quality can have been compared.

Principle 3: Cannot without foundation guesses, make network investigation more. Without giving thought to the station scope magnitude of your SEO, regard the SEO of an enterprise as personnel, when every become site of a SEO, still had better make a brief SEO plan, and before making plan, you can search a few data, carry out optimized basis as you. Above principle although the word of 2 make choice of is the angle from the client sets out, but occasionally hard to avoid can take a few subjective assume, with respect to need so a few data serve as prop up.

Above all, you can search engine to search this word greatly in each, see the amount of result information, type of company of contest price advertising (it is an amount not only, the type is very main) , if have the company that is the same as a type with oneself, and the amount is in of 3 two above, the choice that shows you is completely right; Next, you are OK you the term of a few targets of preliminary make choice of is full search, the nature before looking to lean next has congener enterprise website in the rank, if some words can analyse the Title of this website and Meta label, look to whether choose conform to with yours, determine 2 terms that suit most next.

Through above these 3 principles can decide the target keyword of the website basically, as a result of the reason of enterprise character, website discharge is general 80% above (the station data of myself) come from target word basically, long end is occupied only 20% the following. So of target word choose a decisive action.

Optimize inside the station that comes down as to remnant, of a way station that doing newly when did not do too much and exterior optimize, put major manager inside the station to optimize however, the keyword density of this website, of long end word decorate, catenary of inside and outside, achieve the SEO element such as link of newer, friendship formerly, want ground of in an orderly way to be carried out by the plan only, the target word that is based on you is emulative not be very big, general a plan of or so months of SEO can succeed, the website can have pretty good rank. Although your word is not the hottest, but the client amount that brings a company and quality are very high.

Above is myself a few experience to SEO of website of medium and small businesses, share with everybody here, insufficient place, still discuss together please.