The key word of tutorial of SEO of curassow careless root

This article, you need not ask me, the origin of Descrition and why it calls Descrition, curassow does not know, had not understood completely also, this article is me only in the study that serves as Seo, write the article that come out for application completely, the experience inside, it is my individual thinks the most practical, seo actually very simple, arrive simply everybody, should use only so a bit heart, affirm the degree that can master, and the person of SEO of major now alleged professor, hereat meaning SEO myth: Technical myth, effect myth; And the SEO tutorial that circulates on the net truly, besides what collect fees outside, which be flexible language? This article, I am flat the false appearance station that has not begun completely to do with is a target, in the sailing in the illusion, look, a marriage celebrates a service kind website, how to undertake the network is popularized.

I write these, not be to say: Father turns over wool namely, the expert that I am about to follow SEO is right do, I am done not have so abnormal, I just stand in the angle of stationmaster of a careless root, if we do not have money,the analysis falls, how to go doing Seo, if have a bit money, how to go doing Seo, if group company is backing, how to do Seo (this is gibberish, can jump over)

Before reading this article, if you feel to be necessary, remember: SEO is very simple, but very complex also. Because, you face, be about to be 3 giant that search index props up a best show: Baidu, gu Ge, yahoo, and they thousands of development supports a group: Those so-called intelligence quotient the renown school of 160 above is graduate, process designing expert, financial ace. They can make you all one’s life become the mathematical problem that does not come out, draw up you look to see the equation that does not understand, such person, brought up search engine. We, just use search engine, choose bit of discharge, change the person of bit of living cost.

We should thank them, it is them, brought up search engine, we also should remember: We are stationmaster, we each way station, it is the foundation with search true engine, they are to grow the blue sky on our body to be cultivated greatly, we have reason to use them, those who make ourselves changes is better.

You still need to face, it is those adopt a large number of analysises and practice, mastered the experts of skill of a lot of SEO, they try hard through oneself, also us far cast at the back, their technology, actual strength, control data, it is us far these careless roots people can be likened to.

We should thank them likewise, the basic knowledge of those Seo that disclose without them and a few outdated or be about to antiquated means, we do not know what Seo is forever, also do not know: Oh, OK still before such! But we also should remember: They once also were mixed we are same, it is careless root, it is stationmaster, they can succeed, it is the effort because of their oneself.

Challenge the hour of giant and expert, are you ready?

Good, begin formally:

Meaning (the reason that optimizes to oneself)

Marriage kind site, it is a first-rate market, the reason is as follows:

(1) market demand is big

Economy of whole now country grows quickly, compatriots ideological emancipation, from original arranged marriage, constituent marriage, to free now love, marry independently agitation be current, the potential of the marriage market of whole country is tremendous.

(2) profit is rich and generous

Whole marriage market, because its are opaque quality, whole industry standard is not exceedingly tangible base go up, profit space is larger. And compatriots thoughout the history, thinking to marry is thing of life great rejoicing, also be willing to spend money for this.

Above all, want to ask oneself, why should undertake the network is popularized?

Reply, because a company wants to develop, be about to roll out oneself superior goods, be close friends besides the product, learn to popularize even, publicize oneself, network promotion, extend the method of sale and form as a kind, apply from what get a lot of companies at the beginning, and network promotion has cost low, the user suffers numerous wide, duration is long wait for a characteristic, now more and more the attention that gets each companies and favour.

We come below one pace analysis how does promotion marriage celebrate a website:

One. Search engine to popularize

Say its save money, because want not to make network contest price only,be, this kind of means is in do not have almost at ordinary times any expenditure, say it is easy, because be mixed besides basic maintenance,be outside the continuance that maintains promotion, basically putting need not be in charge of it, search him engine can undertake collecting, sort, the decision rises fall.

Say its technology content is high, because,be, search the website that engine optimizes to be not being done completely, pay close attention to not quite commonly, even if collect, rank situation is general, and to optimizing exceeding website, want to take cleared action, the most important, it is one is spent, and this is spent, want to optimize a technology in great quantities to serve as support, and this kind of technology, average person can not master, and search engine also has many rule and key, not be professional SEO, have accurate assurance very hard. But can be we accomplished? Curassow thinks, it is possible, because write this article through coming along with curassow, we progress together.

We undertake from the following measure:

The first chapter the first key word

(1) key word analysis

Key word it may be said is the key of engine of search of a website, key word has been chosen, whole search engine popularizes ability to undertake, so, analytic key word, it is a crucial step that the website popularizes.

We look surely surely, what key word suits to make promotion, learn to use Baidu index first, the search time that will check next key word (the more popular word, can bring discharge more, so, key word, choose popular word as far as possible)

Here, I chose 3 main key word: Bridal, marry, marriage celebrate, next, through analysis of Baidu key word, appeared to contact key word below, I chose 10 associated keywords every, checked the search index that each key word are inside Baidu with Baidu index next.

Bridal 1121

1. wedding manages a statement 517

2. bridal congratulate 553

3. wedding makes a speech 272

4. wedding march 407

5. wedding is chaired 257

6. bridal congratulations 562

7. bridal emcee 240

8. wedding delivers a speech 202

9. bridal song 167

10. bridal music 173

Marry: 900

1. marriage certificate 406

2. marriage is blessed language 359

3. marriage congratulations 545

4. marriage congratulate 477

5. marriage is blessed 237

6. marriage is illuminated 300

7. is legal marry the age 200

8. marriage march 169

9. marriage blesses a short message 272

10. marriage age 169

Marriage celebrate 1134

1. marriage celebrates a company 642

2. marriage celebrates a net 221

3. marriage celebrates things 324

4. marriage celebrates song 220

5. marriage Qing Liyi 299

6. marriage celebrates music 118

7. marriage celebrates titles 135

8. marriage congratulates a word 214

9. marriage celebrates emcee 63

10. marriage is celebrated manage a statement 159

That is all key word, can you undertake as key word engine is popularized searching? Curassow thinks, this is mad word, generally speaking, I suggest to choose 1~3 key word makes key promotion, 5~8 become accessary promotion key word, so, according to the theory of curassow, we will analyse below, in these key word, what what can undertake choosing can we have?

Someone says: I cast bolt, choose arms name a person for a particular job. . . . . . (I can say only, you are really strong)

Still be that word: Press data, talk by the fact. So we enter the first phase. How to choose advocate key word

The first bar: Your meeting choice advocate key word?

We want to do above all, 3 when a moment ago decided me namely advocate key word, compact it is two, so, which hapless meeting was deleted? The theory of curassow is: Do not make promotion the hardest that, how to discover, use a very simple method, see Baidu please, whether to have promotion, how many promotion is there?

Marriage celebrate: Baidu makes promotion, of same time occurrence promotion, it is 5~8 probably

Marry: When curassow is searched, do not have temporarily

Bridal: When curassow is searched, do not have temporarily

Then some friends may cry: Hahaha, marry certainly and wedding is pulled twice! Curassow can say only, wait below! See your ability even, the everybody big brother that becomes what do not do to win a platoon to be in the first, cite a case, news this key word, not any the person makes contest price, but the ability that you feel to press you, can have done sina, sohu, netease? More important is, if you are individual station, such you are OK deciding, but if you are company station, and advocate do marriage those who celebrate a service, then you are head broken and bleeding, also should do marriage celebrate this key word, you are done other, what to calculate? Others is not foolish, why is others spent thousands of tens of thousands of make promotion, should be in namely this domain, grab more business chance, you are not grabbed, that does not do a network to optimize.

So, we decided the first now advocate key word marriage celebrates selected cause: Belong to website business.

Someone can say, the analysis is so then much before you, not be gibberish, curassow says: How likely! Because besides advocate key word, marry and bridal, how are two chosen?

We read Baidu wedding, the platoon is in the website of the first page, average company website: 3; BBS: 1; The portal divides channel: 2; Website of electronic business affairs: 1; The company that professional SEO operates stands: 2; Recreation stands child column: 1.

We see Baidu marriage again, the platoon is in the website of the first page, average company website: 4; BBS: 1; Portal photograph inside Shanghaiguan allows: 2; Regional service station: 2; With the website related our website business: 1.

Press curassow for, I choose to marry for certain this word, why? Bridal this word, appeared the trace of sortie of professional SEO company, path of portal scale down also has two, hui Cong most bibcock of electronic business affairs, also inserted one thick stick, so opposite and character, somes difficulty is great, so I chose to marry this word.

So, two big key word had decided now: ) marriage celebrate and marry encourage fall, the bang in Pi! So, we press district sex again, fractionize advocate key word.

Somebody falls, say: You are sick, the key word that just decides, fractionize, this one fractionize, which have flow? The answer of curassow is: Must fractionize, unless your whole world is interlinked, or, the wedding of your Tibet serves a company, does the meeting of my Beijing go ordering a service? You should eat, affirm even if eat you the cake before.

So, this website that curassow analyses, it is to be in Wuhan to prepare to begin at present marriage celebrate service business, so Wuhan marriage is celebrated and Wuhan marriage should be first selection, we watch the show of these two words in Baidu again.

Wuhan marriage celebrates the first page, it is promotion completely, and Where is its Baidu index? Without relevant data.
Wuhan marriage the first page, only one makes promotion, and other, it is the website that does not have SEO encroach on seemingly. Also do not have Baidu index likewise.

Somebody cheered again: Hahaha! ! ! Found found, speed goes next curassow asks: Advocate what does key word decide? Pig eldest brother says: Wuhan marriage, curassow says: Have the pig of ability.

Ah, press the theory of curassow, continueing is Wuhan marriage is celebrated, why? The first, this word is the major servicing of the company, the 2nd, the company that becomes promotion is more, prove this word is more popular, be about wrestle one wrestle, that pig was born with to scold first: Your fuck just is a pig, how wrestle, the first page is promotion completely, you become you is Baidu old!

Curassow is in Seoer, it is cole dish, do not have the capacity that competition extends of course, but everybody should remember a bit: The search of the user is used to! Where is what meaning? A such situations may be encountered when everybody does Seo, I want the flow of key word it doesn’t matter that make, but discover other word came a lot of discharge, this reminds us: Stationmaster people, had you considered the habit that the user searchs? For instance, you can be affirmatory, major user is searched with your thinking? They can be celebrated with Wuhan marriage come search, cannot use Wuhan marriage to celebrate? To it the search word that relevant marriage celebrates Wuhan marriage to celebrate the marriage of Wuhan Wuhan to celebrate and so on

Want to look for pornographic website at ordinary times like us, content of yellow of won’t direct search this key word. . . . A truth, ah. So, we still celebrate Wuhan marriage when advocate key word, wuhan marriage is become advocate accessary key word, and the action that Wuhan marriage celebrates this word, not be to make an user direct be searched, what be used to through the search however is different, promotion of steer clear of will undertake engine is popularized.

Pig eldest brother cried again: You say steer clear of with respect to steer clear of ah, it is OK that can you assure every associated key word does search arrive you? This is the 2nd problem that curassow should speak of: Accessary key word

The 2nd bar, the woman of backside—The choice of accessary key word

Good, arrived the 2nd bar: The choice of auxiliary key word, the watch above we or basis will decide, the data of the watch, it is curassow statistic the data that day, the likelihood has a little not accurate, but still be the data with the watch, because want to choose what average, I may want mad drop, ah

Assist the definition of key word, overall for, not advocate key word is so strict, and the opportunity that they appear, also do not meet too much, so, can undertake choosing below a more comfortable atmosphere

Pig eldest brother leaves cried: Good, closing an eye, do casually! Curassow flying leg!

Above all, we will assist the amount of key word surely surely, how many be commonly? My proposal 5~8, why? Because head first, main key word basically is appear in Title (pig eldest brother: Is heading what? Curassow: Wait for next introductions) , and auxiliary key word, appear in Keywords commonly (pig eldest brother: Does K lie heart be what? Curassow: Procrastinate go out. . . ) in the description in the webpage, some people like as far as possible caboodle, but curassow thinks, in a Keyword, appear probably 8 key word, already very much, you think, so much dry what to pile, I won’t take data to press you, what hundred little website key word is 6~10 ah, hundred little flow is bring by the key word that does not exceed 8 ah, I write this article, do not have kongfu to seek so much data, besides, wait for you to find so much data, the regular estimation that others searchs should be updated.

So, I feel a few good, a few to decide? Curassow thinks: Yes (everybody falls) , but had better have degree, because search engine is not fool, it can identify you to whether be caboodle key word, proposal 10 less than.

Pig elder brother: I make a door, at least 1000 key word rises, how to do curassow to not have language. . . . . .

This marriage website, we decide 8 key word.

The choice of accessary key word, OK the how many direct differentiate with Baidu index, above all, advocate key word puts forward 3: Marriage celebrate a company 642; Marriage celebrate things 324; Marriage Qing Liyi 299; Auxiliary advocate two choose in key word: Marry congratulations 545; Marriage certificate 406, so, still have 3 key word? Leave regional key word and company business! Wuhan marriage celebrates net Wuhan marriage to celebrate a service Wuhan marriage serves.

So, we sum up next our lovely accessary key word again, they are: Marriage celebrate a company; Marriage celebrate things; Marriage Qing Liyi; Marry congratulations; Marriage certificate; Wuhan marriage celebrates a net; Wuhan marriage celebrates a service; Wuhan marriage serves.

Pig eldest brother: I celebrate a service with respect to the marriage that makes Wuhan region, wuhan adds before OK and all accessary key word this area word curassow says: Possible, but not was necessary, such, you may give the sense of engine, it is to be in Wuhan of load one’s writing with fancy phrases this word, and also reduced other to search a likelihood.

Good, now key word people affirmatory, so, key word, what is used? Follow curassow to enter the content under us: Of Title write a law.

Editor remarks: The curassow of article author make public, stand for Chinese stationmaster columnist. Tomorrow curassow will give us " big head is big, rain not of anxious Title write a law " .