The influence that searchs engine to analyse a report to did not come to SEO

According to center of information of Chinese internet network (CNNIC) " behavior of user of Chinese search engine considered to report 2008 " investigation shows, up to by 2008, china searchs engine user dimensions to reach 203 million person, compare with the photograph end 2007, the user that searchs engine grew 51 million person, year increase rate is achieved 33.6% . Search engine market rises quickly continuously, meanwhile, the structural scale of all sorts of type groups in the user is being optimized further, basically reflect the sexual structure that searchs engine user in China to be optimized further, the age structure incline to of the user is mature, and search engine permeate to group of netizen of low record of formal schooling stage by stage.

Among them triplet data investigation shows:

One, the proportion that place of female search user holds promoted 1.0% , search indexes the sexual structure that props up an user is optimized further, progressively hasten is bordering on Chinese netizen’s total sexual distinction construction.

2, with compared 2007, the search user place of 30 years old of above occupies specific gravity to increase. As in recent years senile group place is occupied in Chinese netizen proportional rise ceaselessly, and the growth that searchs age of engine user oneself, the age structure that searchs engine user matures progressively incline to.

3, student user is occupied 31.7% , in the search user that is not a student, group of high school record of formal schooling is occupied than highest, occupy about 30.3% . Suffer this effect, the user place of high school and the following record of formal schooling occupied scale to increase apparently 2008, search engine to be permeated to netizen of low record of formal schooling gradually.

From data analysis, search engine is perfecting him ceaselessly, and to search engine strategy, we do optimized personage to also should notice this is nodded. Because oneself once also had held a post in Baidu contest price, the client that they seek often is the manager of the company, or it is the public figure that direct administration manages. And these personages often are 30 years old of above, and the client that we become SEO place to want to search also is such. As 30 years old the user of above uses those who search engine amount to increase, the market that we make SEO also is in ceaseless amplification. And more effective demand that should be a client consider, is not blindly the place on pursuit rank. And low age the person that use is used also increasing to searching the dependence of engine, how can more the authority that advocates search engine, but him engine of all alone relying on search accomplishs this very hard to nod, also the professional ethics that needs us to do SEO restrains this.