The influence of Web 2.0 technology to SEO

As 2006 the development of Web2.0 technology, search engine also is adjusting him ceaselessly
Website capture strategy and website rank are algorithmic, web2.0 technology talks from this two respects below to SEO (Search Engine Optimization, search engine is optimized) influence.

Search index props up those who be aimed at RSS to improve

SEO technology all the time dedicated what have quality more is former achieve the content, article title that has specific aim more and more absorbing article summary to go up. Since after Blog is arisen 2006, RSS subscription also begins popularity to rise at the same time, this also changed the network of a lot of people to read kind greatly, and the rank that search engine always follows to pay close attention to and improve his of the user ceaselessly is algorithmic, the website content system that is you so provides function of subscription of a RSS can be a very important facet, and you can discover the effect is first-rate.

No matter be,pass Google, MSN now, still be Yahoo undertakes searching, RSS can appear in searching a result, for example, the Blog that searchs an extraordinary popularity with Google when you — Boing Boing, you can discover rank tertiary is FeedBurner account the Flog of this Blog, actually we can discover Google gives the website that has Flog additional PR value really.

Certain of course website does not hope partial RSS is indexed by search engine, RSS2.0 can have added designation for RSS Flogs, similar Noindex, follow, search engine will index no longer your RSS.

Additional data problem

The additional data problem of Google is the SEO problem that gets attention quite this year.

Additional data (Supplemental Result) , it is the one part that Google assists index. The restriction that has capture to assisting index is little at main index. For example, the parameter of a network address may make this website cannot be gone to by capture in main index, but still may be gone to by capture in the compensatory index of Google.

According to the view of Google, regard complement as the webpage of material, just a kind auxiliary, additional index, do not serve as main index. That is to say, these webpages are not in Google advocate in the database, in assisting a database however. Usually, it is when us when search of Google aspirant travel, the result that it shows us is advocate the webpage in the database, be not the webpage in auxiliary database. Can conclude from this, regard complement as the webpage of material, the performance in Google will be very poor.

According to a few search index props up the observation of the person that pay close attention to, regard complement as the webpage of material, the time interval that is crawled by Google reptile is very long, a lot of moment a few months, even half an year won’t be visited by Google reptile, affect a webpage badly to be updated mediumly in Google database. In the meantime, the rank of these webpages is very poor, it is only when search result is very few, ability can be listed come by Google. Usually, cannot see these webpages in search result at all.

If the webpage is labelled to complement by Google material, this to the thing that a misfortune is for the website. The webpage of material of the complement that be labelled, searching the rank in the result, metropolis performance is very poor. If the PR cost of website itself is higher, the circumstance will be a bit better.

Be what reason caused a webpage to be thought to complement by Google material? In the information that provides from him Google, we cannot see any valuable data. The Description of the Head part that main reason may be a webpage is written non-standard cause with webpage content it is duplicate.

The person that some search engine pays close attention to once had the website of 6 same themes, these websites are to use same the database generates, have 100 among them the content of many webpages almost just the same, and it is to use XHTML+CSS technology to make. In these websites, only all webpages of a website are not additional data, the page of other websites, besides home page it is additional data entirely. Because duplicate webpage is caused,be.

Below the circumstance of duplicate webpage, additional data is the URL with specific certain, is not a webpage or a file. Mix e.g., it is same generally speaking a file, but it is two different URL. These two URL are normal webpage among them likely, another is additional data however.

Additional data is the webpage snapshot that is aimed at specific date place capture, that is to say even if identical URL, put possibly also in Google database in many version, among them the new content that a version is capture of date A place, this specific date mixes this URL + webpage snapshot, the likelihood is to be in normal database. And the content of capture of place of another date B (same an URL, older content) , may be to be in additional data database however.

After the webpage that analysed the website that is not additional data, still discover only the Description of this website writes a standard, description content by into paragraph sentential composition, the with the; of content be identical of the webpage webpage that is regarded as additional data, description content is written very non-standardly, it is keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases a few. After discovering this problem, the person that search engine pays close attention to will among them the Description of certain website webpage revises those who be a standard to write a law, with period observation. But as a result of Google a few months do not update these pages, cannot observe result. Then, the person that search engine pays close attention to uses same database again, did two websites, the content of these two websites and the website previously are almost identical, but Description uses a standard write a law. After these two websites are collected by Google, all webpages are not additional data.

From this, conclude, the reason that Google additional data forms is: The Description of the webpage writes a law non-standard.

The additional data impact to the rank

This issue is more complex, want particular case concrete analysis.

Resemble in front tell, same a database that URL may give to differ now is medium, the URL of new version may appear in the search of normal main keyword. But in other keyword search, it appears possibly also in additional data.

If your website has very much compensatory stuff, affect a rank likely. But if these additional data have a corresponding new URL + date version of + webpage snapshot, not big to the influence of the rank. If these additional data do not have new version, the impact is bigger.

How to shun occurrence complement stuff?

1.The Description of the webpage writes a law non-standard

Solve a webpage to be labelled to complement by Google the main method of material, it is the standard writes Description. Not be in Description keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases, the content of Description should hold reasonable website construction with the; of content be identical of the page, ensure every page has join to point to, and join be not gotten by bury very deep.

2.Have problem of network address standardization. Contain Www and the version of two network address that do not have Www to be in the database namely, among them one is to complement by mark likely material.

The manager tool that can provide through Google at present will unite Www and the website that do not have Www domain name.

3.The webpage that has been deleted occasionally, should return the URL of 404 mistakes actually namely, can be labelled to complement material; or the domain name had expired, also can be become to complement by mark sometimes material.

4.Occasionally stationmaster is altering after the webpage, what the webpage of two version of new old content can appear in how terrible of the; in Google index is, among them a meeting is to complement by mark material.

5.Duplicate content webpage. A lot of content that reprint or borrowed can are to complement by mark material. Because Google also does not have method,judgement is achieved which formerly, the person that achieve formerly occasionally so also can suffer disaster.

6.Identical or the content of likeness is too much on the webpage. For instance navigation system holds webpage content proportion bigger, and text part is smaller. (the author fastens SEO expert)