The influence of the domain name of SEO and lead plane

Core clew: Stationmaster people often use all sorts of optimizing the step will affect his to be in the rank of Baidu and Google, in stationmaster people when using these methods to undertake optimizing, the domain name that whether has thought of you and lead plane can also affect the rank of your website and SEO to optimize?

We see domain name and lead plane how affect the SEO of the website now: The domain name of each website is corresponding an IP address, IP address is the number that distributes every computer or network equipment on the network marks. The domain name must pass domain name server (DNS) undertake analytic, changeover becomes digital IP, ability lets computer understanding identify, be like: Website of major medium and small businesses is deposited differentiating by a server on a certain number of fictitious lead plane that come out, share a server and IP address by many websites, have in server of a few WEB thousands of the circumstance that the domain name shares an IP address. Such is opposite cost is inferior for stationmaster, but to the search of the website engine rank brings the following and potential risk:

1, if searched engine to undertake to some Spammer server,punish, its IP is considered as Spam, implicative all websites below this IP can get embroil, make the rank of these websites falls to fall or be kept clear of in searching engine.

2, if the other website that shares lead plane is punished by search engine, will affect more or less your website. If there is a website below same IP cogged, so all websites that all alone engine meets our search to fall to this IP have penalty. Nevertheless fortunately, major search engine won’t be so arbitrary, be like Google, won’t undertake this kind of implicative sex is punished commonly.