The importance that website keyword locates

A lot of friends are asking me, I how does this keyword locate?

Such question is very much, but I want to say, the fixed position of the keyword has been done when engineer please, the keyword should is by caller oriented, come according to the be fond of of the user set your advocate keyword, second the keyword is common even keyword, among them main keyword is in surely home page, 2 – 3 best, individual body can be 1 – 2 effects are optimal, second the keyword uses a page inside please, be aimed at keyword to do only optimize, can involve main keyword, but not important, common keyword, be content page, such departure are in considering a keyword the weight problem of the page, slanted to nod a little, locate to be in keyword when, the friend says this word competition is very incentive, but without giving thought to how popular, want those who want to tell his, since want this word to do it, cannot do first temporarily because of me such, changing later, this blunder, cannot go up because of another word the rank is some faster, go doing, why to open a station to do additionally. Of Title and keyword alter can pose new rank order afresh. A word that I optimize is home page originally on Google, I increased Title and essence to change Keywords later, whole rank disappeared, still did not come back after 2 chapel, be in namely this chapel one I was done again after adjusting return Google home page quickly fortunately, the rank still promoted; Do optimized friend not to want to often alter on the fixed position of keyword and Title so, if such, then whole SEO is special failure, already fast half an year did not update the website that I safeguard, another was not updated nearly one year, the rank had not been moved.

In view of second, after the individual thinks keyword and Title had located please, did not change, want to correct when the error that locates of course.