The importance that the domain name ranks to the website

Domain name and website rank domain name register one of the mainest in searching engine to rank factors.

No matter how you undertake to your website you won’t receive a good rank optimizing, if your neither one is right the word of the domain name. We will be discussed, the importance that the domain name ranks to the website.

The enrollment about free domain name problem:

Administrator of a lot of websites can apply for to famous server provider free domain name (2 grade domain name or share a domain name) ; Or a few weigh directional domain name service. It is very cheap so, be to one’s profit, but if you think your website obtains the word of better rank, it is so 100 kill and do not have one benefit.

1, the index that index of a few search props up the server with cleared and free meeting to go up, because, in occurrence Spammers of regular meeting of the classics in these websites, or mirror website, Doorpage.

2, the domain name that shares those to contain Spammer website or IP address can make your website gets be a burden on, all alone engine meets search to have penalty to your website whole perhaps remove sb’s name from the rolls. It is AltaVista below the advice to everybody: If there is a website below same IP cogged, so, all websites that all alone engine meets our search to fall to this IP have penalty.

3, engine of a lot of searches will be right of website of same domain name collect an amount. Such meetings make your site just is collected very hard. Possible also the website below this domain name has been occupied went these quota of people, make your website forever must cannot dividend searchs engine to collect.

4, although your website already was collected, if your other website that shares a domain name is the word about theme of other and different respect, search engine judges the theme of your website very hard still. And the rank also is not according to the page many a ground is discharged, all content below the domain name can be inside consideration limits.

5, not from already domain name, if lead plane provider quits professional work,perhaps ask you change domain name. So, your actor chemical industry is made have to begin afresh! The administrator met a lot of websites to lose the rank with original website because of this. Link and website discharge also are met because of this belong to you no longer.

The domain name is registered – the track that builds affiliation with search engine

The domain name of what just suits you? For the angle that searchs engine from, key word is being contained in the domain name is crucial. Remember the key word that optimizes you is added in the domain name.

1, many aparter compound key word, be like and not be, such meetings make search engine to understand your key word correctly easily.

2, the character number that should remember a domain name cannot exceed 55 words, because some search engine,can be opposite this has restriction.

3, in a few catalog, be like Yahoo, in Dmoz, the member that make up arrest won’t extract key word to regard you as the description of the website in the content of your page. At that time your region reachs crucial action since the famous general.

4, the too much key word in the domain name can be considered as filler by partial search engine.

Before deciding a domain name, had better be to use a few free tools to look up expiring domain name. Perhaps which domain name can have the key word that you optimize and the extensive of link Guangdong province with still have certain is spent. The domain name that ensures you register did not involve the copyright issue such as registered trade mark.