The image in searching engine optimizes informal discussion (one)

All-embracing of Google current search, it includes rich settle or live in a strange place video of news of this locality of Google Base and search, books search, product search, code search, Google list search, Google image search, Google and map, Google, Google, the Google website that be clear also includes to go searchs a result.

If you think the search in Google and other controls brand information and online reputation in engine, you must adjust perpendicular search range, realize the optimization of afore-mentioned element, the online business that is you provides first-class applied service.

Below, we check the image of optimization, discuss morely optimize news and rich guest result, this locality to search a result. Video searchs the action that promoting online business side, we will discuss in issueing a column.

An image may need thousands of word, but optimize an image you need a few keywords and a smallish elementary SEO tactics. It is relatively easy to optimize image, because great majority designs better website,this is integrated have primitive picture. Above all, optimize the crucial image of the website, use experience in wider strategy next.

File name

The keyword is used in image file. Make meeting help search engine to understand image content so, this searchs 1234567-89.gif and Puppy-chew-toys.jpg namely. distinction. Be not all people to search 123457-89, , but Puppy Chew Toys may bring larger flow to the website, if you sell the product related to pet and service. Anyhow, when naming image the file, the description wants brief palpability.

File structure

Underline, phrase does not take a space, if image name transition is completed by the keyword, criterion the number is OK also. See Google picture, you can see all file names in coping list. For instance, / Photos/chew-toys.gif rank should be compared / Images/chew_toy67.jpg, before leaning. It is very important that the keyword is joined in file structure, such doing, through a kind mild kind is adjusted, won’t make your CMS or it is network administrator is immersed in ado.


The word should be close to image content. If can, can be in of image below put a paragraph of brief specification, emphasize the keyword that uses in file name. But want to remember, this is the text that can inspect, the text inside image of and rather than.
– – label. You need to regard a function of website whole as label of brief, keyword. Because we go the abuse to label, search engine regards label as rarely the important signal that decides relevant theme. Label conduces to the theme that builds a linchpin, the description of label wants crisp.

The position

If you think beautiful time and money are in,optimize image fluctuation kongfu, be about to understand the position is searched in image, and main effect is having in this locality search. When optimizing objective shop position, this kind of effect is more main. By street address and zip code, store #37 compares Burnsville, MN, the effect wants difference. Do not make, of less than ministry, the term related the company tags the position, want to use the target that searchs a gender to undertake label explains however.


Link optimized image to the webpage, with it is likewise important to link in-house navigation link and important webpage link in-house navigation link and important webpage. On this, image optimizes the instrument that already made build strategy of more extensive link. Sometimes, the webpage is joined on image, it is very simple thing, and sometimes, pass Flickr, mySpace and other are online community shares image, in sending directional search discharge more important.

See your website analysis, have strategical the theme that the ground chooses to be able to promote website flow, decide what image can undertake optimization.

Next, undertake the keyword studies casually, the help determines the direction that image optimizes. Check looks up file name and website structure, the consideration adds explanatory note of a few what for image. Such doing, you can build a completely different perfect picture to search a choice.