The how increases a website weight that SEO optimizes

Core clew: The weight weight that what is a website namely the website is in the importance in SEO, authority. SEO gives a kind of treatment of a website.

The how raises website weight question that we discuss SEO to optimize today one, the weight weight that what is a website namely the website is in the importance in SEO, authority. SEO gives a kind of treatment of a website. English: Page Strrngth

1.Weight is not equal to a rank

2.Weight is having exceedingly big effect to the rank

3.Of whole station weight rise be helpful for inside the rank of the page

2, the factor that affects website weight

1. website puts the time that be in

Website from be collected to begin by the search, existence of each days is value accumulate. 2. Domain name

(1) domain name is suffixal Gov Edu

(Time of 2) domain name

The element of the domain name is smaller, because common website uses a consideration scarcely,be. And time of domain name existence also is changed without method.

3. website content

Origin (1) is achieved formerly

Literal competence: The ability with individual the mainest head of a station

Never appear on the net

Origin (2) user creation

The characteristic of alleged Web2.0 website, those who pass an user is former achieve will get content.

Origin (3) is reprinted

Be being reprinted right amountly is possible, but reprint content to be able to encounter copyright and permissive problem, as the ceaseless development of the website, reprint can get more and more limitation.

Reprint too much, can reduce the weight of a website.

Origin (4) is adapted

Is adapting still bogus is achieved formerly? This is a problem.

Large website also is being changed, but they are not to be in make so called bogus be achieved formerly.

Whether can search engine identify a bogus to be achieved formerly?

Origin (5) scanning

The methodological; that a lot of individual stationmaster adopt scans

Copyright issue: The nobody with small website manages you, the website became big be searched to come to come.

Search the purpose of engine, it is to provide the content of the most accurate high quality to searcher, this also is search engine the measure of the mainest technique that wins victory in the market of competitive classics intense, so the website optimizes medium content, make the content of own website valuable namely, most at least should let such thinking search engine

The stability of 4. website

A website that often cannot open, in the eye in searching engine, won’t be a good website. Be a website even opening career is a serious problem.

The active of 5. website

A site that often does not update, can lose active. Especially to the individual website that gives priority to with a large number of articles, if stopped to update, weight can be reduced slowly. Do individual stationmaster to also compare trouble now so, cannot have done without giving thought to,put half an year, otherwise discharge can go low gradually

The problem that the company stands? Major company station does not have updated capacity commonly, but the search rank that the company stands is higher however, because search engine to be able to identify an enterprise to stand,be.

The sincere letter of 6. website is spentGoogle is worth except PR beyond, still have index of a sincere letter. Pass the analysis of websites of pair of a few high quality namely, give out website of a sincere letter should some a few index, the sincere letter that analyse a website with these index is spent.

What do these sincere letters spend index to have?

Detailed connection means, whether to have copyright phone of specification, company, fax, address, whether ** is waited a moment.

The link of 7. website

Link and content are the website optimizes medium the mainest job, no matter search the algorithm of engine how to change, it is even, change everyday, but link and content forever the most important.

The value of the link is not IP, however of weight deliver. To searching engine character, one links the link to your website, was equivalent to casting an ay to you.

Link relevant term:

Net of shadow of atmospherics of day of the extensive sex of the high quality link, friendship link, individual link, dependency that catenary gives amount, link, link, in-house link, the stability that buys link, rubbish link, link, bad link, anchorage text ()