The home page design of tutorial of SEO of curassow careless root and program choose

The first chapter project of the 6th face—The design of home page

Another key, how will design home page! We are analysed together!

Above all, we ask ourselves a question together, what is present website basically serves? Everybody cries together with me: Marriage celebrate, so, marriage what is those who celebrate need? Everybody cries together with me again: Festival, so, what is festival color: Gules, pink so, where is design? Luxuriant, delicate, high-grade

Everybody calls most propbably tired, then I help great master below summary, whole home page designs a few fields that want an attention

1. The type of the website and main content

2. The match colors of the website

3. The design style of the website

4. The administrative levels of the website

Above all, make clear the theme of the website only, ability accomplishs know fairly well, whole website is designed, ability more successful, match colors, the proposal is mixed with bright red color shallow pink, and design a style, contracted, clear, careful, palpability is given priority to, basically reveal company product and characteristic item

The administrative levels of the website, this is bothered a bit, some websites, for beautiful, like to regard cover as the page with Flash, click next enter, just be so called homepage, a lot of friends are in titter: The practice of fool, I am SEO, won’t do curassow to be opposite at the beginning so absolutely this kind of practice also not approve of, but understood slowly later, why? The company stands, basically be an information reveal a function, more beautiful, it is better to can attract potential client more, I am in charge of you to search engine happy event not to like, the conduct propaganda that I send has the network address of my company in the data, the client comes up to look, be so return a responsibility, the page is handsome, the structure of very clear palpability, good, hit a phone to seek advice, OK, this ability is us the ultimate goal that these wanting that do a website to optimize a person: The SEO that can bring real benefit to the enterprise just is good SEO.

So, no matter be Flash, still be simple character, it is a kind of method, we do a website, it is stationmaster, same, we also are sale personnel, participate in run really in the enterprise in.

Good, specific design, give the art design personnel of the company goes be in charge of, but say with art design personnel the following needs to notice please

(1) the home page picture that has designed, must look to me first (pig eldest brother: You become your boss! )

(2) when cutting a figure, can of coloring piece with respect to coloring piece, can use a written language use a written language, do not put a picture character to be over there

(3) the design should have expansibility, for instance, I want to be in next ah, on the side ah, add a column, perhaps change a column, give me this hope at least, do not have possibility not completely.

(4) the key is obedient, art design it may not be a bad idea, process it may not be a bad idea, inviting work, do not want you to play originality, play originality to his station, since we received this SEO project, your design, be about to be given priority to with SEO concept, give priority to with company intention.

Good, this is a few problems when home page is designed, so, we are analysed again below, how to decide this marriage to celebrate the column of the station

Open a column, be about to decide, what should we do? Who can answer me? The boss says: Do a marriage to celebrate service station, with respect to this, OK, I can say, specific marriage celebrates those who serve company support, so, this station can design a company completely to serve kind of website that reveal, the column inside, no more than is: Company introduction, service content, chair rent, marriage celebrate news, contact us, online order such.

The first chapter the 7th: Used bright, only you know—The choice of the program

Good, now our home page, be done by our art design, so, how does the choice suit a website, where is the article government program that suits SEO?

The article management system of the mainstream classifies by programming language now, among them, famouser have the following:

(1) ASP uses system of Yi Wenzhang management

(2) PHP Dede article runs a system

These two are the CMS with better industry, suit to use quite, and, have free edition, ah, the reason of the article of these two selected curassow, the biggest is: These two CMS are two use number is maximum, someone says: Is what be used most good? The answer of curassow is: Affirmative why? I come together

Reason one, big to collection supportive strength (pig eldest brother: Collecting is what curassow says: It is mushroom – _- ! )

Reason 2, can very convenient make static page (pig eldest brother: Static page is what curassow says: Wait for next having to explain)

Reason 3, a lot of functions are included in the system, do not need oneself to be developed alone

Reason 4, the most important is, because be popular CMS, so their backside has large company to undertake the technology supports for certain, so, lie between period of time, can roll out new version and flaw to repair, such, omited our a lot of troubles, take move easy for, curassow is using SP4 version, SP5 came out now, ha, change one edition immediately, hoho, brand-new, use much bright newly, you say is (pig eldest brother: I like the curassow of SP1 version: Take care of)

OK, till now, tiring-room CMS system also is analysed ended, if be PHP, use DEDE, if use ASP, use move easy.

So, downstage page, tiring-room program, be to need what a place places, where is this place? Your need gives your website a home, so, this home is a server.

Editor remarks: The curassow of article author make public, stand for Chinese stationmaster columnist.

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