The Google government edition of SEO foundation tutorial is released

Google searched quality group to release document of tutorial of Googles SEO Starter GuidePDF on guest of Google government gain, this compact SEO tutorial can let more websites advocate people know how to improve the website performance in Google, include to reptile indexes and be collected etc.

The SEO that what the Pdf tutorial of this 548K includes is a foundation or the website optimizes a method, there is much great sense for the person to been familiar with SEO, optimize methodological Google to be in because of what what speak of in the tutorial other have on a variety of channel had mentioned, do not be the official tutorial with new what.

Create Unique, accurate Page Titles

Found exclusive and effective page headline

Make Use Of The Description Meta Tag

Make full use of Meta Description mark

Improve The Structure Of Your URLs

Optimize URL structure

Make Your Site Easier To Navigate

Optimize website navigation structure

Offer Quality Content And Services

Provide high grade content and service

Write Better Anchor Text

Use better anchorage text version

Use Heading Tags Appropriately

Use Heading label correctly, wait like H1, H2

Optimize Your Use Of Images

Optimize a picture to use

Make Effective Use Of Robots.txt

Use Robots.txt effectively

Be Aware Of Rel=nofollow For Links

The Nofollow of accurate use link labels

Promote Your Website In The Right Ways

Use right kind to popularize a website

Make Use Of Free Webmaster Tools

Make full use of Google stationmaster tool

Take Advantage Of Web Analytics Services

Make full use of website statistic analyses a process

Can see from inside above list, this SEO tutorial does not have how many fresh content really, but as communicate best search engine with stationmaster at present, offer official data to coach interior of website of website principal and subordinate begins to undertake the website is optimized, not only can let Webmaster people the method that perhaps uses wrong way to promote a website to rank to SEO overspend undertakes examining, the service undertook popularizing related the numerous website that also offers for Google itself place, statistic of promotion of this locality of Google Webmaster Tools, Adwords Keyword Tool, Google, Google, Google Website Optimizer was mentioned to wait in for example article.