The free search engine that introduces 12 abroad is optimized detect tool

Core clew: Oneself are not to understand very much to SEO all the time, be opposite especially the keyword is not sensitive. Nevertheless, SEO tool can help. It is to come from Daily SEO Blog to collect 12 free SEO to detect below tool.

SEO Digger [Keyword inquiry, the rank inquires] – detect the keyword that there has been better rank in your site, can examine the place that they rank. I think, this quite important, be opposite to those especially the person with not sensitive keyword.

Quark Base [Perfect website statistic] – the complete information of the need that gives you a station. Rank to the page from IP, 100 divisions link Vicki, etc. OK contrast and the website that you compete, will find out oneself inadequacy.

SEO Meter [Google of test of Google] – is right the frequency of your site capture.

SiteYogi[Website health inquires] – the site that examines you is mixed in all sorts of search engine the statistic in socialization media, etc. Nevertheless, duration is occupied is not very accurate.

Exact Factor [The rank detects] – check different site to rank a circumstance mediumly in Google/Yahoo.