The forum that use a network is aimed at those who search engine to optimize

A lot of people are optimized now do Google, those who do Baidu is very few still, see those who be aimed at Baidu optimize fewer, I am to optimize those who show here to give everybody experience now

Actually Baidu is in how rubbish, but be inside Chinese search or taking great place. .

Before wanting what be in to lean all the time inside the search key of Baidu actually, forum itself must want to have quality. This should be forum those who optimize one big

Key. If your station does not have content. In optimize you to also be used without what. . Was a platoon to go up, but need not pass how to long can be pulled

Say this a few, if explain, do before optimizing, your station should have certain quality. .

Below I actor or actress with my forum melt into exemple, say the focal point that forum optimizes to everybody. . Actually below say these may follow other optimize likeness having a place

My forum uses system of the Dvbbs that use a network, present version is 7.01sp1, the itself that use a network also should have the program to oneself to optimize. . . The focal point that says here

Just be opposite stick child optimize, and key word. .

This one characteristic that knows Baidu actually I am accidental know from inside discharge statistic. .

Say. . When was not being optimized, I from Baidu general child bring the discharge of hundreds of. . And day of the 2-3 after optimizing has more than 1000 Ip and be aimed at a few key word only. .

The focal point says below:

1. posts moment wants as far as possible concise, caption does not want too long.

What for instance I do is the forum of series of download of game of movie and TV, but all the time since I am optimized without much film download. .

Hair film I am [date] [film name is listed will go up commonly one pile] or [date] [empyreal and free movies closes market- – XX ministry film downloads]

Did not download with Huo Yuanjia almost or Huo Yuanjia downloads and so on freely

The motion picture that I provide then closes collect is recorded 1000 times but a day of browsing ability that brings to me 300 the left and right sides

And edition of download of my stand-alone game just is built without how long. .

I just begin the card inside also is send in that way to the film, take almost in those days do not enter an Ip, I changed law post way over later

XXX (game name) download or XXX (game name) free download, collect in the 2nd day of such Baidu be in with respect to the platoon of such keywords

The 3rd the 4th page, the 3rd the 4th day is in with respect to the platoon the 2nd page, everyday a few good keywords are brought 100 come an IP, little also 20IP comes

I am listed below a few keys of a game second let everybody look. . (I am to optimize those who show here to give everybody experience now)

Everybody arrives 100 read search to fall to know: The Three Kingdoms group flower pass 6 free download to look ( this address) it is the first page the 7th

The Three Kingdoms group flower passing 6 download is the 2nd page falls 3 (this key second the reason before cannot leaning is Baidu did not update me the record that this sticks, what show over there still is

The Three Kingdoms group flower pass 6 high speed to download) big perhaps housekeeping money: The Three Kingdoms group flower passing 6 high speed to download is a platoon the first, the record that everybody also can choose Baidu sees me this sticks the time of hair

Ps: ? Bing of cook of ㄕ of  of silk ribbon of Liu of Xiao of Guo of Yang of small box of Fu of beard huge rock is crucial, I was not handled a bit here better namely, a lot of before was not being collected to lean) . .

Otherwise one day can have been brought at least thousands of, should my film division is not done optimize, if was optimized,do not know the film how to much can bring. .

Ah! ! Continue in the evening. . . . Ask everybody to support. . . The likelihood is very much not detailed. . What perhaps leak is very much ask ace people give directions give directions

2. continues; What I use is when use network system and moving a net to post, if inside if having a plan, stick child of list stick child before can have a Jpg, the icon of Gif, if be of download criterion

The chart of meeting Rar. And this icon rank impact to Baidu key word is very big, if stick child before have those icon, especially the word of picture mark, your card is

The platoon is in very from the back. A few days ago I tried to fall with this, before searching all the time with that today 10 pages were not found, and do not have some to be discharged advanced a few pages. . If you

It is to use those who use a network to must notice those icon, and I of Php had not been used do not know. If solved this problem discharge,can increase a lot of, I am wanting now from

Of personal forum a few stick child below processing, wait a few days to look how much can increase. .

Of 3. key word choose.

To key word choosing also is to optimize caption namely, also is very important, choose key word to must not choose this kinds the most popular, because those are popular basically this kinds

portal station can be used, like if you stand with those portals,be being used, that Baidu is for certain compare those in this one domain famous discharge first on, your do not know

Can be gone to where by the platoon. . So we a few retreat and beg second

for instance mine is area of download of forum stand-alone game, I send a the Three Kingdoms group flower pass 6 I dare not use a the Three Kingdoms group flower pass or the Three Kingdoms group flower pass 6

Use a the Three Kingdoms only group flower pass 6 download the Three Kingdoms group flower pass the Three Kingdoms of 6 free download group flower pass download of 6 high speed to title, this also is mixed I the photograph of this one area is comfortable, these a few are so crucial

Word before the comparison that I am a platoon.

Choose a keyword to also cannot be used too of an unexpected winner, do not have search so. What we should choose is that kind of keyword before 5 of the left and right sides better. . Such search rate also is compared

Tall. Everybody can find the rank of this kinds keyword over Baidu.

3… joins Baidu to search allied –

– should optimize in the light of Baidu/index.htm" Target=_blank> Baidu actually, best can join Baidu to search alliance, put his search toolbar to your website. .

Also want to join the website rank of Baidu. . .

4. is stuck child can make a static state it is better to do good.htm.html income. . (people says this, my forum is not generated, cannot check so)

PS: ? Pull umbrella of sigh of cook a meal of helmet collect pay! Instrument of J faithful Can doors Lai excuse me! 4 moth second guesses  of ヌ of cook a meal of massacre of  of Ч of narrow one’s eyes of have diarrhoea of  of approach of charm of laying ナ of Fu small box! ! ?

If you have better view,follow stick discuss together. . .

I also am to optimize what write immediately immediately, hard to avoid is something wrong. . I am met unexpectedly likely additional. . . Ask ace door to appoint. . .

The artificial sex interpose of 5…. Baidu is very strong. . . The key with before Baidu just discharged mine newlier yesterday 2 good pages second give cut. . .