The foreground that the search optimizes service industry and development trend are completely analytic

Search the development course of engine sale

The development course that searchs engine sale is as the development that searchs engine development, in the search engine sale develops a few main event that attention deserves in the history:

1, 1994, engine of the classified catalog such as Yahoo, Lycos search is born, the network sale value that searchs engine is reflected gradually come out, the thought that searchs engine sale also begins to appear. The task that searchs engine sale at that time refers the website to main search engine namely.

2, 1995, the software that refers search engine automatically is born, website administrator refers the website easily many searches engine, but because partial website abuses this kind of software, refer ceaselessly same the website of many webpage in an attempt to in perhaps referring same website at the same time always is in a website newest position, engine of occupational perhaps search collects the main content of the webpage, because the issue of this kind of software is very sharp,be discovered by search engine, and begin reject this kind of message that logs onto software automatically to refer.

3, 1995-1996 year, the search engine technology that label of the META in be based on webpage HTML code retrieves is born, this kind uses META label to improve the skill that ranks in searching engine to become the important method that searchs engine sale very quickly. What this searchs engine to optimize a method namely is budding. A few methods that use META label to cheat search engine also appeared in the meantime, this kind of means ever was inside period of time very effective and extraordinary popularity, make the core technology that searchs engine sale at that time. This kind of state also forces those who search engine to retrieve a technology to be improved ceaselessly.

4, 1997, all alone engine optimizes search to detect automatically with the rank software comes out, this makes website administrator or network sale personnel OK the level that checks a website to search engine to optimize a design, and understand be indexed prop up collected circumstance by search, the search engine sale that can make specific aim further accordingly is politic.

5, 1998, search engine algorithm begins to pay close attention to the link besides the website, meanwhile, the person that SEO website is optimized also begins to make website link be spent extensively (Link Popularity) .

6, 2000, appear by click pay fee (the mode of advertisement of search engine keyword of Pay-per-click) .

7, 2001, the part classifies catalog (Chinese) begin to collect fees login, every website should pay hundreds yuan of fee that differs to thousands of yuan every year.

8, 2002, the nation is landlocked in succession add somebody sortie SEO this one domain.

9, 2003, appear the search engine advertisement that is based on content fixed position (Google AdSense) .

10, 2004, domestic delitescent SEO begins to rise to surface, SEO team expands stage by stage. SEO market is in a disorder not to have the foreword, condition that violates compasses operation, malign competition. Most SEO adopts individual mill type to manage, company sex runs dimensions small. SEO grooms the market is born.

11, 2006, as network market competition turns white-hot, the enterprise is to the place of network company and network product had new knowledge, the enterprise begins reason to serve network sale market, as the be current of Baidu contest price, the enterprise also realized the value that searchs engine, also accompanying at the same time was born a lot of SEO serve a company, the enterprise goes after product keyword to search engine to rank, did not consider integral sale effect, SEO company arranges its nature, also go after a rank, do take money, the save labour when the province, this phase SEO is drabber, it is in order to rank oriented, is not to stand on the footing of the enterprise to be with sale effect oriented.

12, 2007, as SEO information gain ground, the rise of network company technology, partial company rolled out the SEO that pays fee by the effect to serve an item, from website construction, to keyword fixed position, to the search engine is optimized all-around service, of plan of sale of integral SEM network roll out and carry out.

13, 2008, the technology that serves a company as SEO and concept mature gradually, partial company rolled out a website to engineer a service, the service is built with benefit website (pay attention to website user to experience more) change with website user rate for the purpose, pay attention to sale effect more. Popularize method diversification, promotion pattern lays with the line on gather line, type of line upper mould also diversification, if acclaim sale of guest of sale, flexible language sale, forum sale, SNS sale, rich, Email sale, search paying fee,engine contest value serves, instant communication group a series of means such as hair, but the dominant position that SEO is occupational still network sale popularizes, SEO served a company to have more deep understanding and experience to SEO, SEO serves a company to begin distinction and traditional network company, housekeep, develop a school of one’s own.

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