The fishnet tactics application in Seo

What is SEO? SEO searchs engine to optimize namely, it is a link of network sale key. SEO does not have what technology content but character. Accordingly, SEO does not say to go up is a technology. Come with art appellation it probably more appropriate. SEO is a profitable art.

What is? Fishnet tactics? You had not listened for certain. It is a kind of strategy, what the net earns is politic, formulating right strategy is the key with successful SEO. And a kind so called Fishnet is Seo strategy only. My former achieves its neither, more blame original creation. What I just observe to place is numerous the case that make money, sum up slightly, with fishnet tactics (Fishnet) names just. Good, gibberish does not say more! Let me be path visitting an official to come slowly! Well-known, the first situation that has SEO is choice keyword, the keyword has been chosen. Discharge blowout, day receives a bottle of gold, that is quite comfortable thing. Fishnet tactics is keyword diversification. Then content diversification, even product, service diversification. Know black apple Li Xingping? He is Hao123. The boss before Com. He created not only Chinese gas is highest, most profitable network address navigation. There still is the N individual such as to enrage quite tall way station in the hand, study slightly to these websites, you can discover these websites are not had is not the page comparatives clean, code is quite slender. More important is his Li Xingping the website to him group fixed position! The theme of these websites has: Network address navigation, little game, music, flash, qq thick book, the mobile phone application that faces dish bird. Since Fishnet is wide net, the ace ace that Na Cijun is Fishnet application is high hand! Wide net, do good actor chemical industry to make. No matter searching engine what to input to be able to arrive at his website,allow an user.

Here, affirmative meeting somebody wants sniff. The what that you say defeats tactics, dispersed energy. Say to be not begged big and complete, beg only small and essence of life. I say, can you ask you not to want be a bookworm? Small and essence of life and fishnet are two different matters, two kinds of different concepts! Fishnet is wide net, this has said many times. Braid as far as possible much mesh – the fishing net that has a mesh only perhaps also can the net arrives fish, but carry of the pure excrement that belong to a dog. The net lives piscine probability depends on mesh several.

Fishnet tactics provides gymnastics to make move

1, the choice piles a keyword, these keywords cannot be heated up aglow extremely popular violet nigrescent, the truth is very simple, you have so much energy impossibly to accomplish all and popular keyword the first page. Of course also cannot too cold – mesh is too small can catch dried.

2, corresponding, do a website according to every keyword. Do a website super and simple. With FRONTPAGE15 minute a website – a few pages are OK! Of course, want to do these websites according to searching the be fond of of engine.

3, low-key, again low-key! Do not go paying close attention to ALEXA of what. Of Li Xingping be afraid that 4399.COM flow is too high, ALEXA is ranked too before leaning, should be tear open it into 4399.COM and 4399.NET content exactly like two websites. Why? Low-key, do not want to be paid close attention to namely, was paid close attention to, everybody knows how he makes money, the person that the model is visited flocks and go up, money is bad to earned!